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Silence and the inner self… the inner universe made apparent:

Date: Sat,03 Feb 2024
Submitter:barbara Neville

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Silence and the inner self… the inner universe made apparent:

There is a connection to the inner universe, and it is the dwelling where all souls can visit and take from it the distinctive data to increase their own frequency into the wonderous state of being alive on earth in this heightened state of awareness.

The feeling is a silence, like a blanket of comforting energy that supports us all the time… what does this mean?

For years I have wanted to be entertained by outside noise, reading books, listening to music and TV shows; now this has changed, and I want to be in silence… it fills me with comfort and strength, it lets me just ‘be’, it is in my whole being and all I want to do is ‘be’ in it.

What is this progress and what does it mean to us all as the ascension befalls everyone, like a silent blanket of pure energy that upholds the frequencies of the new age as it becomes stronger and more attractive to the human soul.

The quiet is like light being fed from the higher energies into the upgraded DNA of all life… shhhh, be quiet, and listen to the inner voice of love as it covers all things, gently seeping into the very particles of all life so that all can become aware of the power of silence.

The power of silence is a substantial and durable energy force that is being sustained by all light workers as they become transposed into their new enlightened physical body’s that are made up the light crystal, these cannot be tainted by the separation of trying to be in two places at the same time.

Its part of ‘being’ in the moment.
It is very difficult for a person to fully be in the moment when there is outside noise polluting their frequency… to be fully in the moment noise must be minimised to the very low frequency of almost non-existence.

The soft hum of the electricity is acceptable as it is always present in this part of the world, there is the soft noise of the earth breathing through this sound and that is what is being focussed on.

This blanket of silence is lifting all life into the higher vibration of light and very soon it will be taken over as it becomes more prolific and stronger, and will stop the media from infiltrating into the minds of those who are ready to move into their full crystal bodies to receive this pure energy of exotic light waves, so that they can then help it to grow into the full blanket that is meant to be.

In mediation this energy become available for the use of the participants, they will automatically be lifted into it as is their right to retain it and ergo keep it, so that they become evolved into their fully integrated crystal functions and light workers and leaders of the consolidation into the new future.

This ‘is’ the new way… its not noisy or written it’s the feeling of wholeness within the human mind, soul, and physical body, reducing the third dimensional ego into its non-physical state, so that there is more energy to ‘become the whole person that you are… fully integrated with this lovely blanket of silent, powerful, pure light, frequency of growth.

There is enough time in life so that you can listen of music and watch the entertainment, but do not mix the two as they are incompatible and will stop your progress but is there for your enjoyment.

The timelines are separating as the completion of the negative and the positive, this has been happening for a while now, you are heading into the new state of divine love, this will bring the vibrations and frequencies right up into the highest level that can be held as a human on earth, for this timeline period.

These timelines will continually be revised while it goes on into the new age of Aquarius, there will never be a definitive timeline because time is not real, as you know it on earth, time is a constant, one in the same place, it is the perspective that you are looking at it from that is definitive as you are living on earth under the rules of earth time.

As to what it means on the ground… you will experience this separation in-so-mech that you want to be in silence and connect to the feeling of this new timeline that is the blanket that you feel.

It is one of peace, love, calm, and comfort, the feeling that there is nothing and no-one to be afraid of, there is no need to be anything but your authentic self in the way you conduct your everyday life, there is no need to pretend’ or mask’ any of your feeling, and it will be alright.

Yes, you will still dip in and out of life irritations because you are still human living on the earth… there are something’s that are inevitable, but overall, there will be a calmness about your very being that is definable to others, and they will respond to it one way or the other depending on their own chosen timeline.
If a person has not become authentic there will be some kind of separation that will be obvious, these souls will still be in your vicinity trying to negate your positive attitude, but they will fail and eventually let go of any kind on need to hold onto your friendship.

As true light workers/star seeds you will uphold your light strongly and dignified to show others encouraging others to decide to change and accept their own true light, you might feel that you are doing very little… but as you hold these vibration within your heart, feelings and thoughts you are raising the collective consciousness for all to receive as their own so never think you are doing nothing.

You can feel the power in this blanket energy of this separation it takes away your pain, the body feels soft, happy, and content, live in it a take the rewards of your hard work.

Being in that silent place is’ where the timeline separation is occurring, the silence is the place to go so that we can let go of the old third dimensional holographic illusion dramas, go into the silence and let it engulf the mind ready to shift without regret of worry.

By letting it be in your life as much as possible will enhance the changeover making it much more compatible and acceptable.

** personal observation … it amazes me just how strong the want to ‘be silent is for me… I have always been a music junky ever since I was young… I could never seem to get into the silence and be happy with it… until now…. Now I turn off the TV that radio I do not even want to listen to the binaural sounds as much.

The silence is giving me everything that I need to feel happy with my life, its soothing my head, heart, and mind, in a way that is not how I thought I could be… I love the sound of nature as a sound it is so natural… but this silence is like a blanket of love engulfing my every move… very comfortable. **

Foot note ** The changes happen from the inside out…not from the outside inwards.
The degree of light that is coming in now will start to function in your crystal body. You are changing for physical to crystal.
Every time a great big flair comes in it is creating the blanket of light energy that is penetrating the inner part of all life … the quiet inner self.

Eventually these energies will just make you this way; and you will be able to function in at level and know that you are transformed into the light body.

This period can feel soul destroying, it makes you feel bad but don’t worry about it… its exactly what you need,
we are bombarding you, earth, everything with this higher level of light so that life begins to change from the inside out, it does not change from the outside in, and these levels of light are penetrating deep inside every physical thing, it starts on the inner quiet state and works its way out… that is why you may get so emotional and upset and why your energy seems to be more powerful inside, because this is where this light energy is functioning… in that actual physical part of you and everybody.

Know this and become consciously aware that you are altering and everything around is altering, do not put the blame of others and things outside of you.

It’s nothing to do with that, it’s to do with the cosmic energy, the truth of light penetrating your very soul in this moment.
While you are conscious of this you can bring it forwards by your focused thought of being integrated with it and being consciously positive about it, as you are thinking about it you are creating and helping it greatly.
Be Love, Be Light, Be happy. x
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