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Rescue Circles part 50 A Spirit Hospital. A Bank Manager in spirit - music and colour in the Spir

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Mon,18 Jul 2011
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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Music and Colour on the Spirit Spheres: A bank manager in
spirit: a spirit hospital: more from Norman Cousins.

As we have seen in the previous articles in this series, both terrorists and victims survived the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11, as do all participants of war and violence, and were able to come back to show that they still exist. So what is the point of all this killing in war, terrorism and acts of retaliation? Nothing positive is achieved.

Spirits can intervene and help us avoid individual accidents and disasters, though neither they, nor God Himself, the Great Spirit, Deus Ex Machina,
will come down and rescue us all from our own folly. It seems that we are here to learn by trial and error.

However, we can ask for guidance, ideas and inspiration to help us solve our problems. Many spirits have come back to say how they are interested in their own particular area of expertise and search to see how they can contribute to alleviate our suffering by influencing us here on earth. Scientists give us ideas for new inventions, and so on. We have our
own watchdogs on earth to help us, of course, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Ralph Nader, Norman Cousins, and all kinds of activists, advocates and protesters. They awaken us from our addictions, caused in part by the dislocation from our culture and community that the unbridled free-market capitalism fosters. Bruce Alexexander explains this excellently in his recent book "The Globilisation of Addiction: a study in Poverty of the Spirit." [Oxford University Press, 2010] We can help, too, by choosing and electing honest politicians, and being honest in our own dealings.

There is a bank manager who passed some fifty years ago, but who came through recently in one rescue group and told how ‘when he looked back on earth, after the colour and beauty of the Spirit World, all seemed dark and ugly, except where the evolution of love and forgiveness causes light to shine from someone’s heart, because in the spirit world, everyone has a radiance, which shows their whole nature.’

‘As a bank manager, he had always been interested in economics, the science of money. Now that he was invisible to most earthly eyes,
he would attend economic conferences, the well known ones and the secret ones, which the public never hear about, and he could see for himself how great business houses influence politics and newspapers, and determine the fate of individuals and even nations. Wouldn’t all of us just like to know what has been going on, behind the scenes, since 9/11. Who has really profited from all the military actions, the reconstruction contracts, and the
thousands of casualties and disablements? Some accounting and accountability has to take place, and it will, eventually, and inevitably, either here or on the other side.

For the bank manager ‘all this turned out to be useful knowledge later on, when he had learned to change his attitude from selfishness, to one of
wanting to help mankind. He then took on the task of attending such conferences to try and influence powerful people, so as to increase human welfare and avoid unnecessary wars. Recent World Trade negotiations broke down, after 7 years’ hard work. The more powerful nations want too much and concede too little, and the poorer nations have no protection to expand their fragile agriculture and industries. So much for
compassion and cooperation in business! Greed and the bottom
line – business as usual!

With regard to rest and relaxation on the other side, he said that ‘as a church organist he had always been interested in music and he had been able to develop this. He had always enjoyed musical concerts and he said been able to develop this. He had always enjoyed musical concerts and he said that these were simply wonderful in the Spirit World. All music there had
colour coming from the players as they played, so that you saw wonderful colours rising and blending as you istened. Then when the audience was stirred by the music, colours rose from them as well, making a brilliant
ever-changing vista of colours, some of which could never have been seen on earth. These colours go back to the players who feel the audience’s pleasure, and this colour fills the whole auditorium. He said that even
the finest symphonies on earth were only copies of originals
in the spirit world, which had been transmitted to their
composers, and only in spirit
could one hear the perfection of music. He said that
Beethoven’s Ninth, with an enormous choir, was the most
wonderful musical experience he had even had. He had
now learned to play two more instruments and had a group of
musical friends who all enjoyed playing sessions

More from this bank manager, and many more stories from
lost and found souls on the other side are gathered in the
new book by Michael Evans: “Dead Rescue, or The Techniques of Guiding Lost Souls.” Con-Psy Publications, 2007.

Roger, the husband of medium Helen Greaves, author of "Testimony of Light, did not need rescue from this side, after an accident left him in a coma from which he soon died as his son Michael sat beside him. In a reading for Helen, the medium Arthur Bhaduri saw that her husband was already in the hands of the healers on the other side. "He is being healed of the shock of his
untimely death. There is a condition of repose, during which there is a breaking down of a shell about him, the shell of his earthly beliefs and prejudices. He sends his love to you, and later on will cooperate with you in
your work."

For the most part, the spirit world looks after its own. When he later came through directly to Helen, Roger explained: "When I came over, I woke up in a hospital. I don't mean THERE (on earth). I mean HERE, a new hospital. Didn't seem a bit strange either, just thought they must have moved me while I slept. But I did feel so much more ALIVE - does that surprise you?
I remember I began to look round the place; I was better, you know. And I found I could move now, and see and hear and speak if I wanted to. I wasn't
paralysed any more. That was the first thing.

"I pinched myself to be sure I could move my arms. I was so excited I wanted to shout about it. Then I looked round for Mike (their son, who
had sat by his dying father), but he had gone. Suppose he's back at College I told myself. It was a big place, far bigger than the little room where they first took me. Spacy, if you understand. Lots of beds with men in them, a big ward really, didn't seem to be any walls. The sunshine came right through them! I never saw anything like this before. I stared for ages. Floods and floods of sunshine, brighter than the Mediterranean. And Colour! That was the thing that fascinated me. Beams of colour playing like a fountain. Only the beams were directed on to the beds. Blue, rose, gold, green. They radiated like tinted arc-lights. I guess I stared until I went off to sleep.

"You know, there was energy in those rays. There was one, blue as the sky, most precious shade I've ever seen, flashed sapphire and cobalt,
seemed to surround me. When I woke I lay for a long time enjoying the FEEL of it. Ever FELT colour, Lena? That's really something, I can tell you.
You wouldn't forget it. Presently I looked at the other chaps. They were all getting the same treatment, only different colours. Chap across from me was rose pink, and further down, one as green as a Christmas tree.

"It was a bit ludicrous at first. But it sure made you feel grand. That's
how I felt, like I'd just had a shower, a shave, and a massage! Revelled in it. Not paralysed any more! Fit as a fiddle. I thought about you, wondered when you'd come in to see me. Then, suddenly, something struck me as odd. Darned odd! I put up my hand, touched my head, where I'd been hurt you know. And Lena, there was no bandage. No pain. And no blood anywhere. I lay for a long time puzzling this one out. I suppose that made me look at the others. It was just like any other hospital, with doctors and nurses, only different. No sign of a bandage, or medicine, no apparatus, It gave me a shivery, sinking, feeling. Where was I? What odd sort of
place was this? Then I saw two attendants carrying a stretcher. There was a man on it, looked ghastly, sort of double. Like two of him, only there wasn't. I KNEW that man had been smashed up in an accident, like
me. I knew it. It terrified me. Because there was no blood. Not a speck. And he looked odd, unreal...I panicked then, panicked like a kid, I
guess. Shut myself up inside myself. I was terrified, but I didn't know what was terrifying me. I was dead scared, sort of walled up in the dark. Worse
than that time when I was lost in the forests.....Now, I knew I was here for good. It was awful. It was my worst moment, that.

"Then, what d'you know? Someone spoke to me. A voice said, 'Hello, Rog, you old timer, you.' I KNEW that voice. 'Rog,' the voice said, 'It's Doc, remember?' And I opened my eyes. There was a man in a white coat. 'Remember the time I lanced that boil for you out East? Remember
the party at the Spanish Grill? Your wife had a black Spanish shawl, remember?' That shook me. I stared. Couldn't focus at first.
Took a bit of doing, seeing him clearly. 'Rog,' he said, 'It's Robbie. Your old shipmate, Robbie.'

And then I knew, I believe I'd known all the time. It was Robbie, old Dr. Roberts, used to be on the ship with us in the old days before the war. Died of fever out east when Mike was a little boy." Looked marvellous, the old
timer. We had a wonderful time talking about the old
days. I suppose he told me where I was. Made it
sound natural, somehow, he did, and not frightening. I
suppose that was when I really knew - about having
died. I mean, that I wasn't dreaming any
more. I'm all right now, you know.
Right as rain, me! I felt rotten at first wondering
about you, Lena. But you'll be all right, you
know. You're going to be looked after. I know
that for sure. Good thing you told me about you old
Gran (who had come through many times to prove HER continued
existence after death). It helped - made things easier to
understand, and to accept."

So it seems the spirit world is pretty well
organised, as to looking after new arrivals, and old friends
and relatives come to help the
newcomers. The above passage was extracted
from "The Dissolving Veil," autobiography of the
medium Helen Greaves, Neville Spearman. London,

There was a great fear of Nuclear Proliferation back in
1956, when Norman Cousins, editor-in-chief
of the Saturday Review wrote on August 4th that
year about “progress” in an article entitled “Think of
a Man.” Russia had invaded Hungary that year,
and tortured and killed thousands of those in revolt. The
leader in power, Nagy, was tortured and executed. A
quarter of a million Hungarians escaped as refugees to other
countries. Two of my colleagues here in Canada were
among those immigrants from Hungary. That same year I myself
in England was called up from the Army Reserve to go out to
Egypt, where Colonel Nasser had taken over the Suez Canal,
and there was trouble in Kenya and
Cyprus. This year, right now, China, while
hosting the Olympics and helping build a new railroad system
in Angola, is at the same time supporting a corrupt regime
in Burma, and has supplied aircraft and weapons to the
Sudanese Government in Darfur, and
continues to clamp down on Tibet. Also right now,
Russia is invading another country, Georgia, and hostilities
continue in Darfur, Iraq and Afghanistan.

So there may have been material and human rights progress
over the past fifty years, but the use of force and covert
operations to bypass international law, diplomacy and
peaceful negotiations continues without abatement.

So what did Norman Cousins have to
say, in the article three decades before his more well-known
books? Remember, this was before the Sixties, the
freedom marches and Vietnam. I quote: “Law and order
within the state are no protection against the larger
violence and injustice outside the state. Whatever the
intermediate forms of protection afforded to man in his
daily life, the major threats to his well-being and future
find him open and exposed. All this [unsafe
nuclear testing and arms build-up] the state does in the
name of security. But what kind of security is it that
condemns the unborn, pursues the innocent through
generations to come, diminishes and deforms man, and poisons
air and earth? If this is what total sovereignty has
come to mean, then it is a monstrous thing and man has the
duty to replace it with the higher and saner means that will
come into conflict with neither nature itself nor his own
natural rights.

No matter how hard today’s
sovereign state tries to pursue security through power,
the power is never quite enough. For other
states are increasing their power too. The state and
its people are thus trapped in their own sovereign
coils. To have no power when other nations are
becoming more powerful could be an invitation to attack and
disaster. But the pursuit of power means the pursuit
of superior power, hard to define and even harder to

The dilemma is especially acute for
free peoples. They have been vulnerable to aggressors
in the past precisely because their freeness makes for
openness. And, even as they now accept the need
to become brawny in the cause of self-preservation,
they become involved in something beyond their control – a
massive competition in potential terror the very nature of
which pulls them inexorably toward a showdown…….

True security begins with the
advocacy of a large idea that singularly fits the problem
not only of the American people but of all people. The
problem is how to create abundance on earth and use it for
greater good; how to eliminate or control the situations
that lead to war, whether with respect to predatory assault
or the injustice that is worse than war itself. And,
if we cannot do all this, how to keep the large idea alive
so that the job of the next generation can be something more
inspiring than clearing away the meaningless rubble left by
mighty but mediocre men. In advocating the large idea,
we can offer our pledge that we will take no measures in the
cause of our own protection that will jeopardize the safety
of the world community – and call upon others to do the

It should not be difficult for the
individual to determine what the spiritual leaders would say
in the present situation. They would say that it is
not enough for man to profess oneness with other men; he
must act it out. Not enough to wear the garment of
religious identification; he must accept its ethical and
moral obligations and glory. Not enough to lay claim to
personal sacredness; he must bind himself to it through
respect for it and sensitivity to it. Not enough to
boast of the gift of a rational intelligence; he must
nurture it, work it, apply it, defend it. Not enough
to prate about Justice; he must create a basis for it in the
world itself.”

What more to add to these thoughts of Norman Cousins
than to say that with 300 years now of direct contact
with the world of spirit, from the mediums within all
nations and cultures prior to and during the growth of
Modern Spiritualism, we have enough evidence to prove
many times over there is no death to individual human
existence. We all continue on our soul’s journey
once this life is over. Since there is no death, why
do we still kill and go to war? There is no reason to
do so. The next episodes look
at the soul’s journey, and the reasons why people continue
to find justification for killing.
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