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Rescue Circles Part 48 A further note on Auschwitz. Rescue work after 9/11

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Fri,18 Mar 2011
Submitter:Richard Rowley - reviewer

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The previous article about Auschwitz and Hitler came from a sitting of George Woods with Lesie Flint, and the Doctor in spirit, Anna Gaster. saved the lives of two children, sisters, in Auschwitz, by hiding them from the cruel experimenter, Dr. Mengele. Years later, one of the sisters, a Mrs. Folds, heard the tape, when replayed to her by Elsie McLeod, and recognized the voice of Anna Gaster, and told the full story.

Now, moving forward to the beginning of the 21st Century, here is some material coming through from the 9/11 tragedy, and at the same time an excerpt of a rebroadcast of an interview with the Dalai Lama, who was hoping that there would not be violent retaliation against the attack.

It would be useful for all of us reflect on what has happened subsequently, as we read these accounts, including one by a victim in the twin towers, as well as well as a conversation with one of the terrorists in spirit.

First of all, here is the Dalai Lama interviewed earlier last year by CBC
reporter Evan Solomon.

The Dalai Lama was against confronting China with violent demonstrations over oppression in Tibet. He would like to obtain freedom for Tibetans in a non-violent way, and remind China of their human rights abuses. Here is a short excerpt from the interview:

Dalai Lama: "September 11, that unbelievable tragedy. The next day, 12th
September 2001, I wrote a letter to President Bush, since I already knew him -
we'd already developed some closer feelings. I wrote him a letter, and while I
expressed my condolences and sadness for such a tragedy, I also mentioned the counter measure for such a thing, the best thing is, hopefully a non-violent way. I expressed that wish. Then when I met him on a later occasion, I
expressed my concern that 'since our last meeting, you have taken some decisive action.' I said. I simply mentioned that. I said 'Some of your policies
concerned in that, I have some reservations!' But as a person I really loved
him. Very nice."

The Dalai Lama went on to discuss the Buddhist concept of love, which
comprises many different levels, parent for child, child for parent, sexual
love, etc etc. The Buddhist rules governing love also govern how he approaches politics. There is another level of love, showing to other people, even your enemy, that kind of love which is really profound love, genuine love [the Christian concept of "love thy neighbour."] You have to train your mind to use it, at that level.

( Now, here is some 9/11 material from the rescue group in Exeter, Devon,
courtesy of Michael Evans, transcribed from the audiotape of the session by
Richard R.)

Angry Spirit (Muslim 9/11 Pilot hi-jacker): [speaking through the medium in
trance] Where is the promised land?

Michael Evans: [facilitating for the rescue group] Well, I think we can
probably help you here, but there are some things we have to explain first of
all. Could I ask first of all - were you a Muslim in your life, or a Christian?

Spirit: I was a Muslim.

Michael: That's right. That's what I thought. Well, I believe in the Koran.
Your're promised a paradise, a promised land.

Spirit: I have not found that.

Michael: No, and we have had many of your friends come in the same way and
tell us the same story. But there IS a promised land But there are certain
things we have to do in order to get there. Could I ask you at the moment for
you, are you in the light, or in the dark? Or in between?

Spirit: [impatiently] I'm still in the smoke.

Michael: Yes. Have you anybody to talk to - friends or companions - where
you are?

Spirit: The ones I see do not answer.

Michael: Yes. Now I think you know that you have passed over, or died. Is
that right?

Spirit: Yes.

Michael: You wouldn't be looking for the promised land, would you?

Spirit: It was - shall I say - ordained, that I should do this thing.

Michael: Yes. Could you tell me just for interest - it would help us - how
was it you passed. Was it in war? Did you die naturally?

Spirit: It was a SORT of war.

Michael: Yes.

Spirit: I better explain to you.

Michael: Yes please.

Spirit: Not so very long ago that I passed. My own endeavour to put the world
to rights.

Michael: Did you sacrifice yourself in some way?

Spirit: Yes! From America. The two towers in New York.

Michael: Yes. Were you a part of the operation to destroy those towers?

Spirit: I was.

Michael: Yes.

Spirit: I was in the second one.

Michael: The second plane?

Spirit: Yes. Lower than the first one.

Michael: Well, we welcome you. First of all, we are very glad that you have
come to us. Now, in order for us to help you, we have to explain one or two
things. We don't go automatically to the promised land, even if you have died
for your faith. You have to ask for help and what we want to know is - is
there anybody that you know who has already passed that you were fond of,
perhaps one of your family. I there anybody you think - - -

Spirit: First of all, can I get one thing straight? Now, while I was on
earth, my religion said there will be a promised land.

Michael: That's right.

Spirit: I have not found that promised land.

Michael: Right. Because your religion, like most religions, was not quite
right because it's not altogether correct.

Spirit: It's full of stories.

Michael: Some of it is stories, yes, made up by people. A lot of it is
stories but not all of it. There IS a lovely place for you to go to. I think
we can get you there, if you could listen to us.

[By an eerie coincidence a noisy low-flying plane overhead drowns out the

Michael: I'll just let the plane go over.

Spirit: As long as they don't do the same as we did!

Michael: No. I don't think he will. Now, we need to get somebody....

Spirit: This lady here is very amused.

Michael: Well, you must allow us to be ourselves. We're all different, you
know, but if I can come back to the important point, we want to help you. Is
there anybody you know of, like in your family, that has already passed and they could come and help you to go to this promised land. Can you think of anybody? - Father, grandfather, anybody that has already passed.

Spirit: There is only one. That is my grandmother - very, very old.

Michael: Yes. And she has passed over?

Spirit: She's passed, yes. She passed a long time before this trouble,
which is still going on.

Michael: Exactly. Now I think we can get you your grandmother to come to
you, but what we've got to do, and YOU'VE got to help us, we've got to make a big wish, and you've got to think of your grandmother. Remember what she was like and now, will you please say to yourself: 'Please come to me. I want to talk to you. Please come to me.'
She will know how to help you. Now, we're going to wish as well, we want your grandmother to come to you. Now let's wait and see if she comes. It may take a little while. Make a big wish to see your grandmother. She will know how to help you to get where you want. But you have to wish and ask for your grandmother to come, and tell us if somebody comes.
It may take a little while. Remember what she was like. She's got
to hear your call, your wish for her to come. Maybe somebody also will come,
but we hope that she will come.
Don't give up. Keep wishing.
You may find it may get lighter somewhere and somebody will come from the light.
Keep wishing.
Is there a light anywhere?

Spirit: It's a little lighter.

Michael: Good. That's a start.

Another rescue group member: Do you think you did the right thing, in
blowing up the tower?

Spirit: Did you do the right thing in your last war?

Group: I'm not here to need help. It's you who need help.

Spirit: The situation is still the same.

Group: I'm aware that I've made many mistakes.

Spirit: You're aware now, but were you aware back then when you were makingthem?

Group: But it is YOU who are here for help. It's not me at the moment that
is under surveillance.

Spirit: It makes no difference.

Group: It is how YOU feel about it, not how I feel. Do YOU feel that you did
the right thing? And do you feel you've anything to learn from.

Spirit: They told me it was right.

Group: You put yourself in that situation.

Michael: And did you also hope that you would have the honour of being a
martyr and would go to the promised land?

Spirit: Oh yes.

Michael: Yes.

Spirit: And that did not happen. That is not what I have found.

Group: That was somebody else's illusion that you had to take it on. So what
is right? So perhaps you need to seek to find which is the truth within

Spirit: Your funny world!

Michael: I think that your grandmother would explain better. I think that we
must still ask her to come. She will be able to explain things much better
because she's been over here, where you are, for a long time, and she has a
lovely house that you can go to. Let's get to your grandmother, please. Let's
stick to the theme.
Please come to him to help him. Talk to him. Teach him. Look to the light.
Tell us if someone comes. Is somebody there?

Spirit: Yes.

Michael: Good. Is your grandmother there or somebody else?

Spirit: My grandmother and my sister.

Michael: Good. Will you go with them?

Spirit: I will go with the sister, yes.

Michael: Are they happy to see you?

Spirit: Yes.

Michael: Good.

Spirit: I'm going to have a few words with those on this side of life about
how they were making promises that they do not keep.

Michael: Quite right. It was not true that you would automatically go to the
promised land. And you proved it. But you CAN get there still. Go with your
sister. We wish you well.

Spirit: And before I go, in MY religion, I apologise to the lady for losing my

Group member: Thank you.

Spirit: Thank YOU.

Michael: Were you a pilot?

Spirit: I was at the time, but not before.

Michael: Yes.

Spirit: It was quite true what was said, that we were trained for a long
time before this thing happened, in the ways of flying airplanes.

Michael: Yes.

Another Group Member: Have you been in the dark ever since?

Spirit: Yes my friend. Yes, going round and round, trying to find the gate,
or whatever, to the promised land, which is not there!

Michael; Yes, they described the eight gates to paradise, don't they, in the
Koran and the young ladies there to greet you. Well, you've met your sister.
That's a start, and she can take you to a nice place and she can explain lots of
things to you.

Spirit: I must explain. My sister was what you call a teacher in a school.
I was what you call a common person.

Michael: Yes.

Spirit: I was educated a certain way, of course. That education has all
disappeared. So I will go.

Michael. Do you remember your name, that we can remember you by? I know
it's hard.

Spirit: Not really, my friend. Not really. Not really. Things are still a
little blurred. Trying to put one's mind in order. After the impact, you
know. I thank you.

Michael: God bless you.

Spirit: Your friend (the guide Grey Cloud) has come to escort me away, and
I'm afraid, although I'm a big man.

Michael: Yes.

Spirit: I'm not going to argue with him.

Michael: Grey Cloud is quite a strong chap. Jolly good! Grey Cloud will
look after you too. Very strong, very kind.

Spirit: Farewell.

Other lost spirits in need of help for direction towards their place in the
spirit worlds came through in turn. At another session, a victim of 9/11
made an appearance. Here is what was said. This session is taken from "Dead
Rescue or the techniques of Guiding Lost Souls" by Michael Evans, Con-Psy
Publications. 2007. This transcript is presented here courtesy of Michael Evans.

Case # 34. 9/11 The Twin Towers. A Victim talks:

Michael Evans writes: "On 20th September 2001, between
3 and 4 p.m. G.M.T., we were visited by a spirit, who spoke through one of our team of mediums. She explained that she had passed when working in the World Trade Center Building on the 11th September. I give below a transcript of the recording I made at the time of the spirit speaking through the entranced medium:

Spirit: My name is Margaret.

Group: Welcome, Margaret.

Spirit of Margaret: I was one of the English people who were killed. We
know more or less what happened and I have just asked if I could come, just to give thanks for all the prayers that helped us, and to reassure you that there has been much help. There are a few wandering around, confused, but they have helpers with them - working with them.
It's just taking a bit longer with them, but it leaves us all, 'en masse,'
in a very shocked state of mind, particularly as most of us are fairly young and have families. I don't think there is much I can tell you other than what you have seen. We have been talking to each other and sharing our experiences of what happened to each of us. Some have recovered fairly quickly, and were able to join in with the help - in the rescue of the people who are overwhelmed by their experience of coming to this side, and finding that they're not dead. We have found that by talking to each other, and helping, it is helping us to come to terms with the sudden change in our circumstances. We obviously have not gone on yet, to the place wherever we're going to settle. We've been told there's some other place we can go to but we need to be around for a while.

We are in another dimension - it's beautiful where we are - but we need to
still feel we are in contact with our people - those we worked with - the
families of those we worked with, and because of the mass sorrow, it affects
quite a lot of them on this side. They are, some of them, experienced, and so
are their relatives. We find the healing that has been given to us is helping
us, and by being allowed to help as well, or to be around for a while, it helps
us to overcome the shock. Do you understand this?

Group: We do. Is there anything you would like us to tell people about the
circumstances? Would you like them to know how you are getting on?

Margaret: Well, I'd like them to know that I'm not non-existing, that I do
have a life, and that life will continue. It will take me a while to overcome
my feelings of grief, myself, and I may have to go for a rest somewhere, but in the meantime I'm staying around to give help. Sometimes help is just sitting
with someone while they're in a state of shock, or perhaps leading someone into the healing center, or leading them into a quiet garden, where they can absorb - or we can all absorb - the higher vibrations, away from that terrible, terrible accident - well it wasn't so much an accident, was it, but we thought it was at first. I was in the first one.

Group. Were you - did you know you were hi-jacked?

Margaret: I wasn't in the plane - I was in the building so we didn't really
know what had happened. We just thought it was an accident of a plane coming in the wrong direction. It was only talking to the others, and the people who helped, who explained to us the situation.

I think people need to ask themselves, really - the government need to ask
themselves - what causes so much hatred? Are they doing something that causes people to be so afraid? If you think about the different systems that human beings are brought up under, if it is a closed system and no alternate way of thinking is allowed in, these people have been brain-washed from childhood.
That which is put into the minds of children is very hard to eliminate. So if
people could bear in mind what they teach their children - if they teach
children about fear, they help to bring up frightened children who grow into
frightened human beings. If you teach them compassion for each other, you bring up compassionate human beings.

In a sense we can feel sorry for the men who took part in this act. They
thought they were doing the right thing. In a sense they're not allowed to
think too much for themselves. They have to follow instructions or fear being
cast out of their belief system, and that is a fearful thing, also. Open minds,
and open hearts is what is required here and I, for one, would not want anything - retaliation - in revenge. There are always people who get caught up in these wars - children again - and you continue to sow the seeds of fear and anger.

Group: Did you know there was a life after death?

Margaret: Well, I believed there was a life after death, but I hadn't really
gone into it in any depth - I just felt there must be something. I was not a
religious person. I believed in a higher power and I put my trust in the higher
power that there would be something for me round the corner. I trusted while I was alive that there was always something round the corner for me, and I still go on believing that.

Group: Have you met anybody you knew that had already passed over?

Margaret: No. These people who came to help, just emanated so much kindness that they felt like old friends. They took me in hand and said, "Come on, Margaret, there's no need to hang around there for the moment. Just follow everybody else. Come and have a cup of coffee." It's amazing what a cup of coffee does. I think in England I was more for tea but you get in the way of the Americans here. I don't think there's anything else I'd better say at
the moment.

Group: Were you taken away before the actual accident or crash?

Margaret: No.

Group: You actually experienced that, did you?

Margaret: Yes, but there's so much smoke that within minutes - well less than
that really - in some instances it was instant, whereas on the floor where the
plane landed, you could say it was instant; for those on the different floors it
would either be the masonry or the smoke would get you in a few minutes or fire.
I think you'd have to speak to those individually. I can't say whether those in
the planes went beforehand or whether those on the other floors went before the accident. All I can really say, is what happened to me, and one or two on the same floor as me. It's very confusing and when it goes black - dark - some people are rushing down the stairs and other people are falling down, and everything starts to crumble!

Group: It must have been terrible!

Margaret. Yes, fortunately it wasn't very long. It's such a difference in the
situation. It's such a relief to find you are not in pain and that you are away
from it. I will leave you now.

Group: Thank you so much for coming.

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David said:

Hi, surely someone like the Muslim pilot who flew his airliner into one of the Twin Towers and was responsible for the appalling deaths of thousands of innocent people who had done him no harm doesn't deserve to go to heaven (or the promised land) and would go to a dark and dismal place in keeping with his terrible deed. Or at least have a life of pain and suffering in any future reincarnation to pay for what he did (karma). In other words, what goes around, comes around. What are your ideas on this?
Thu,15 Sep 2011,10:41:16 GMT
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