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Rescue Circles Part 47 Auschwitz and Spirit Rescue. Whatever happened to Hitler.

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Thu,17 Mar 2011
Submitter:Richard Rowley - reviewer

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In the previous episode Alfred Kitson helped
rescue the jailors and their victims who remained
earthbound for centuries, attached to the cells and
dungeons of a ruined manor house in Yorkshire.

Now here is the spirit of a woman who died in 1944 in a
concentration camp towards the end of World War II.
She stayed on to rescue the many earthbounds there.
She came back twenty-six years later to talk at a
direct voice séance, and was recognized by a sitter
who had been a survivor at the same camp and had
known her, corroborating the details of her
personality and the circumstances of her death. She
spoke with a strong German accent, often using the
grammar and word order of German phrases.

Here is an account of what happened at that seance. I have personally talked with Elsie McLeod recently when she was celebrating her hundredth birthday. She had a tape recording of the session, which a friend of hers, an Auschwitz survivor, heard and recognised the voice of Anna Gaster, a doctor whom she had met in the concentration camp, but who had died there.

The séance throws light onto what happens to earthbound and to evil tyrants like Hitler and his cruel henchmen. [My own father was one of the troops opening up and freeing these camps* as the war ended,
and he was never the same person after seeing such
appalling atrocities. Richard R.]

Ann Gaster said that she was a medium and
a doctor, but that it was very difficult in Germany before
the war. Her husband was Jewish, and she half – her
mother was a Jew. In the concentration camp she was
able to help a little, but not much. It was so terrible there, she didn't want to talk about it much.

But she was very interested in all this spiritual [rescue] work, and she said that she was there in the seance room with her husband. When she died, it was terrible. There were so many people. She spent a long time helping people when they came to the spirit world from the camp.
When she was dead.herself, she wanted to help people, so she didn’t leave the camp. she stayed there with many
other people to help those souls when they came over,
because there were terrible, appalling conditions.
Many people like herself were helping people off
from our side to theirs and helping them to understand
everything and put them into safe hands, to meet their
loved ones and their friends. Then they received much
help and then they went into the spheres with their own
loved ones and they were looked after.
But there were some in the camp that were special
cases, and she was very interested in helping them, and
the young children - it was terrible. She and her husband and many others stayed all through the last year of
the war to help these souls.

The atmosphere around the concentration camps is terrible, even now. They have made changes there, but
there is a horrible atmosphere. It would be best to
get completely rid of it. It would be no good to keep
it. It does not help, although there is a reason to
preserve it as a museum, for the record, so that these holocaust deniers do not try to change the historical record, and whitewash Naziism and Fascism. .

There are still earthbounds around these camps that Anna Gaster and other spirit rescuers try to help. Some of them cling to earth. One would think quite
rightly that anyone who had been in such places would
be happy to be away from it, but there are some few
people who are drawn to it. Rescuers try to help them away
from it. It is not a good atmosphere. It is as if
there is a place where there is so much misery, so
much terrible thought force built up over a long
period by thousands of souls who are unhappy, and
desperate, and whose vibrations are left behind. It
is a difficult thing for people to understand this.
When terrible things happen on earth at some place, it
becomes impregnated with this negative feeling or atmosphere, while in contrast, places of worship, and concerts halls and theatres and opera houses maintain a good vibration which is uplifting.

It is not that the individuals, the people themselves
are there where the camps used to be, but they have left behind such strong
thought forces that these things are very real. People don't know enough about the power of the mind and what it can do. It can create this
tremendous, terrible atmosphere in these places. It
is impregnated into the very earth, and in this
place you feel it if you are sensitive at all, here on
your side, if you should visit such a place. It is
dreadful and there are still some individual souls who
cling there. They help them if they can, but it is
difficult. It is not only that, but the whole
atmosphere which has been impregnated with the
suffering of thousands of people of all ages and all
types. Some of the people there have left behind such
terrible vibrations and feelings. These things are
very strong.

The sitter asker how Anna Gaster dealt with earthbounds over there. Anna said that they worked with groups of
souls. Some deliberately maintained contact with earth
by holding on to earth’s memories and earth conditions
with the main object of being in tune, as far as it is
possible, so as to be in touch with some of these
individual earthbounds who are in desperate need – so
that they can be in the same vibration, on the same
thought wavelength, accordingly as they can become
visible and conscious to them. Others who are not so
close, not on the same vibration – they work on
different levels of consciousness, and they have to
release the individual that is earthbound, or in that
state of consciousness that is holding them. They have
to do this in various ways by talking and explaining
to them what has happened, that there’s nothing to be
gained by holding on to the earth and past memories,
that there are people on this [spirit] side of life
who are anxious to meet them who love them. There is
a different way of life. There is much more. There is
a fuller existence. They must release themselves.
This must be done by the individual. You can help a
person only so far. You can talk to them, you can
gradually try to release them from the strong thought
vibration of material things and gradually open the
path for them away from the atmosphere, the thought
forces, which hold them. Then others will take over
and lead them into a higher thought vibration. This
is a training in a way. It is like teaching a child
in a school. It is learning its lessons gradually.
It is unfamiliar with certain things. The teacher has
to impress them and show them and try to guide them
and help them slowly. These are people who are
earthbound children and they need this gradual
bringing out and developing and releasing of old
states and old ideas and bringing them to this
different realization which other souls have on other
levels of consciousness and they are handed to others
who then place them in a hostel or other place where
they can be cared for and gradually brought back to
mental health, spiritual health. It doesn’t always
come quickly.

These spirit hostels are like hospitals, but that doesn't mean the earthbounds are all lying in bed in a ward, iit is more
like a hotel. It is a beautiful place with beautiful
scenery, nature and everything around them for
comfort. There are things that appeal to the mind
which play a very important part and there are
professors there, professionals in their own
particular field, specialists who have made a study of
the individual human soul rather than the brain. They
are able to gradually bring them out and release them
from the fixed thoughts they have had which
distressed them and held them back. They have to train
people here away from their so predominantly material
thoughts, train them to think differently and express
themselves in a different, more sensitive way, to
convince them that they are spiritual beings and that
they must lose the physical aspect, and release the
material though forces which have been holding them so
fast. And here they are shown various things as in a
movie theatre, where they can see all sorts of things
associated with themselves and also various aspects of
life to come, that is, spheres of activities where
they can do the various things which they have now
become accustomed to, on a different thought vibration
and wavelength. They begin to realize that there are
other things, more wonderful things, which they can’t
do until they release themselves from material
thoughts and until they lose the desire for certain
things, such as revenge, for instance.

This is a very important aspect of these
concentration camps. There are countless
people’s thought forces of hatred and desire to take
revenge and the atmosphere is very strong. People
must learn no longer to hate. They must learn to
forgive. They must realize that the people
responsible for these terrible things were themselves
mentally ill.

The sitter asked what happened to those cruel people. Anna agreed that it was not just the victims that had to be helped. The people who were
responsible for many of the terrible things that
happened had to be dealt with. These places also contained their thought
forces and the earthbounds who were associated there.
They too have not changed. They are still much the
same even after so long a time. You get these people
who are still held by these thoughts, these forces,
and they need to be released and they try to help them
too. They do not differentiate between the victim and
the persecutor. To them the persecutor is possibly
more in need of help than the victim, because these
people are mentally sick. They must try to realize that
although much happened that was appalling and untold
numbers of innocent people suffered terribly because
of these people, who in most cases were mentally ill.
They were sick in the mind and they were under evil
influences and we must never forget there are evil
influences and people who cling to earth who are
detrimental, who have never advanced spiritually. They
are in themselves wholly concerned in influencing
people on earth in the wrong way. That is why they
are so dangerous.

As to whether they feel any remorse, the rescuers can only try
to make people see and understand that forgiveness is
so important. It is no good forgiving on the surface.
You must feel it intensely in your innermost self.
Everyone must realize that here you are as you are,
completely so. You cannot deceive yourself nor anyone
else. Therefore everything must spring from the
innermost heart, the deepest feelings. Until you can
learn to forgive, you cannot hope to advance
spiritually. This is the big problem that most people
have. This doesn’t only apply to the souls who were
in concentration camps, it applies to many fields and
ways of life. There are many ordinary people in your
world who have intense dislikes and great animosity.
You have to forget and get rid of this. You cannot
advance spiritually until you are completely cleansed
of all the bitterness, malice, hatred and intolerance.
This is why your world is suffering so dreadfully.
Everything that is happening today in your world is
through man’s intolerance, hatred and impatience. All
the things that are transpiring today are the natural
development of wrong thinking in the past and all
things come to a head. Man has not learned nor
appreciated the lessons.

Over in the spirit world it applies too. On the lower spheres
you have to gradually evolve. This is what is so
funny when people say ‘When so and so dies he goes to
paradise!’ Everyone must find their own level, and
until they have made changes in their own nature and
learned from within themselves, they will no start to
progress. Then they will reach the realization that
love is the predominant thing. It is the only key, I
would say, to unlock the door of eternal happiness and
knowledge and everything that is good. There is too
much bitterness, too much hatred, too much malice, too
much intolerance. This is what brought about the last
war. This is where it all commenced, within
individuals’ hearts and feelings and then it became
a great thing in Germany as you know, it was hatred.
Intolerance is terrible.

It is necessary to have tolerance!
Once you have tolerance you can begin to develop and
evolve. You must try to see what the other person
feels and why they feel. Often they think wrongly
because they have made a mistake.

As to what happened to Hitler, on the other side, Anna Gaster only knew what she had beentold,
and that is that he is in a very low state obviously.
He has much to be redeemed and has much to undo as far
as it is humanly possible. You cannot undo the
terrible things that happened physically to people.
But to some extent one can help to undo things
mentally. This is what she was trying to say –
everything over there is mental and one must change one’s
aspect of thought in a mental way. One must try and
think what one can achieve and do by desiring deep
within oneself and to set an example or to make
yourself an example to others. There is very
little hope for someone like Hitler until the whole
mass of people who suffered through him are healed and
can forgive.

There are many who are anxious to help him, who
no longer bear ill-feeling or resentment or no longer
feel the kind of thoughts which were common to them
when they were on earth or when they first come here.
As the people who suffered change, so it will have an
influence and affect him and help him to change. But
he is going to take a long time, because there are
still thousands and thousands of people who suffered
terribly. Some still on earth, of course; and the
feelings towards Hitler are so strong in a mental
sense, so full of dislike and hatred. These thoughts
are obviously affecting him, which is understandable.
The point is, whatever a person or group of people
send out in their thought forces, negative thoughts
can or will have a terrible effect. If it is good
thoughts, there will be a good effect. There are still numbers of people who send out these negative thoughts towards Hitler and Himmler and
all these other people and of course it is holding
them down. Until they have been forgiven they cannot
hope to make much progress, even though they may
strive within themselves. This may sound unjust, but
it is true. As you sow, so you reap. It is natural
law. You cannot escape from it. And Hitler is now
in a state of gradual evolution. But it is so gradual
that it is hardly perceptible. But from what she has been told, there is great
change in his outlook. Great change within himself.
He realizes the foolishness and the stupidity and the
appalling things that were done. But then he was not
altogether responsible for that. He was not normal. He was to some extent a man whose mind was unbalanced and he was surrounded by people who were as bad if not worse than himself. We cannot make excuses
for him, but at the same time one must try to see the
whole picture. These people were very evil and they
were drawing to themselves evil forces and for a time
the evil forces took over.

These forces were not, as some think, from another form or
order of life altogether. If you send out a certain
force you can attract people of like manner from this
life in spirit and from your side. You surround
yourself in your material life with material people of
like mind and so you draw people who are mischievous
and evil sometimes and you build up some things which
will outwardly expand and grow. All these movements
and organizations, they are built on thought
vibrations and you are building something very real.
This is why it is important that leaders of
nations should be right-minded, right-thinking. They
should put themselves in the background; they should
not be seeking power for power’s sake, but they should
only be seeking it so that they can serve humanity in
the highest possible way. This is not like some present national leaders, who kill their own people to remain in power - Putin, Gadhafi, ... we can name dozens of political leaders right now who have abused power.

In contrast, people like Gandhi and the Dalai Lama have achieved greatness in high places, as the world understands it. But we still get the very ambitious
materialistic men and women who bring all manner of problems and
troubles from which thousands of people suffer.

A person who wants to achieve in our world, if he wants to
do a great work and become a great leader, first of
all he must be spiritually aware, spiritually
conscious of the great responsibility placed upon him.
He should think only of the good of humanity in the
fullest sense of the word. He must not be narrow. He
must not have the desire in himself for self at all.
He must be completely self-less. He must give himself
in love and service to all humanity, not just for his
own country and people, but for the world. He should
try to see that he has a responsibility to all God’s
children, irrespective of their race, color or creed.
He must be self-less. He must be completely given to
the world.

This is a complex matter, and so many factors have to be
considered and people differ according to their lives
and state of evolution. Anna Gaster wanted people to know that light will attract light. That is important when
you attract these guardian angels. Think on the
highest possible level, desiring only that which is
good, so that those in the spirit world may come a talk with us, and give
us insights, information and guidance. It is very
important. But we don’t realize it can be dangerous.
Leaders must try and release themselves from all
material things.

The talk ended. We must reiterate, the holocaust was not a myth, as some Neo-Nazis claim. The Third Reich’s documents and the films of
concentration camps made by the Nazis themselves serve
as historical records, as do the reports of the
survivors and the allied forces who rescued them, and
the accounts given these witnesses from the spirit
worlds. There is one film made by the Nazis themselves
in 1944 called “Theresienstadt – the Fuhrer gives a
City to the Jews” which is pure myth, made for
propaganda purposes. The place was actually an
overcrowded transit camp for prisoners en route to the
gas chambers of Auschwitz, where the spirit of Anna Gaster in the
above séance and her husband died.

Goebbels hired the Jewish director Kurt Gerron,
who had appeared as an actor in Marlene Dietrich’s famous film “Blue
Angel” in 1930. Incarcerated with his wife at Theriesenstadt, ten years later, he shot the film as instructed, depicting the place as a model Jewish settlement, or city of paradise. The overcrowding was temporarily
curtailed by sending extra shipments of prisoners off
to the gas chambers while the filming took place. It
was made to look like a holiday village, a paradise
for the Jews and foreigners. There were apparently
ideal living conditions, play schools and gyms for the
children, theatrical productions, arts and crafts, and
as a climax to the film, there was a fine performance
by a massed choir of Verdi’s Requiem Mass. Even the
Red Cross came and saw the town, and was impressed
(and deceived by) the apparent excellent living

As soon as the film was completed and in the can, all
the participants were shipped quietly away to be
gassed at Auschwitz, including Kurt Gerron and his
wife. A sad story that turns the stomach, that such
inhumanity could be inflicted on millions of innocent
people, not only Jews, but just as many others,
Germans, foreigners and political dissidents alike.

The spiritual message contained in Verdi's music failed to touch the Nazis. In fact, they malevolently took sadistical pleasure in negating all that was good and beautiful. As Anna Gaster said, they were mentally ill and will need much time in the spirit world to reform, and our forgiveness, before their own spirit can evolve away from their evil deeds.

There are some Christians who will not forgive, and also oppose any type of mediumship as satanic. For example, take the comments of one Christian law professor who writes "mediums are doing the devil's work." Such an attitude, and the general consigning of other sects and religions to hell, has been the cause of countless wars over the ages, which continue to this day.

If anything to do with mediums is satanic, we would have to ignore Anne Gaster's message, which came through the mediumship of independent direct voice medium, Leslie Flint. Anna Gaster's talk, and many others from the spirit world can be heard at and other sessions from spirit rescue work are available at An excellent introduction to spirit rescue work is found in the book "Dead Rescue: the Techniques of Guiding Lost Souls" by Michael Evans. Con-Psy Publications. 2007. If we review all the work done for us and for the spirit world by our dedicated mediums over the years, we can only thank them and bless them for providing so much evidence of our survival and descriptions of the World Beyond.
Richard T.C. Rowley.

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chanteuse said:

I have to research what happened to the prison camp guards. Normally they were send to Russia to the gulags. There are many deads from Russia, Russians and Germans and I thought to that I get a glimps on where they are spiritually.
The Germans in the gulags ostly cought ww2 soldiers of diverse ranks and groups had to endure the snow bad food, no hygiene and many men died. There were fleas, noses and ears and fingers fell off. But the one who survived it came home without hate against thier captores. No ill feelings, tears perhaps and nightmares but no hatefull story telling, just the facts.
When we see now what the Russians have done we are surprised and wonder why these men never remebered that there is a God and spiritual law. They were evelishly brutal.

I wonder what all happened to these millions of death, how their spiritual journey is. Many have written letters and mourned about the war, but their letters were not send to their families, but kept by the then leaders for propagandas use.
Sun,29 May 2011,10:54:40 GMT

Admin said:

Admin: FYI we have amended author name to Michael Evans. :¬)
Sun,20 Mar 2011,16:36:04 GMT

Richard Rowley said:

Note: apologies - in the reference to the book "Dead Rescue," the author is of course Michael Evans, not "David" as mis-stated. Richard Rowley
Sun,20 Mar 2011,14:23:17 GMT
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