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Rescue Circles Part 40 What happens after death in a traffic accident. Deepak Chopra...

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Tue,01 Mar 2011
Submitter:Richard Rowley - reviewer

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Deepak Chopra and the burden of proof. Scientists who have already accepted the evidence of survival, and another communication about rescue work.

I don’t want to steal Deepak Chopra’s thunder,
but the subject of one of his recent books, “Life after Death:
the Burden of Proof” has already been discussed in these and other
articles. Sceptics just can't make up their minds, in spite of mountains of evidence of survival. Going back over 100 years, although Colonel Henry Olcott was not convinced by the materializations of the Eddy Brothers
in the mid 1800s, as related in the recent newspaper
article* that Robert Egby the medium and writer kindly sent us, (see note below), I have found three scientists and an admiral who have
committed themselves to declaring publicly that there
IS survival and a continuation of life after death.
From over 150 years ago we have Professor of
Chemistry Robert Hare, Graduate of Harvard and Yale,
who declared in 1855 at the end of his book
“Spiritualism Scientifically Demonstrated” ‘Let the
reader turn to the evidence which has converted me
from a prepossessing skeptic to a devout believer in
spiritual communication. Let that glorious portraiture
of the spirit world be considered which has been
opened to the view of mortals through the high spirits
who have accredited me as one of their servants.’
Then, nearly ninety years ago, a year before his
death after devoting the greater part of his life to
writing about psychical research, Professor James
Hyslop concluded in his last book “Contact with the
Other World” 1919, ‘Personally I regard the fact of
survival after death as scientifically proved. I
agree that this opinion is not upheld in scientific
quarters. But this is neither our fault nor that of
the facts. Evolution was not believed until long
after it was proved. The fault lay with those who
were too ignorant or too stubborn to accept the facts.
History shows that every intelligent man who has gone
into this investigation, if he gave it adequate
examination at all, has come out believing in spirits;
this circumstance places the burden of proof on the
shoulders of the skeptic. [It will be hard to prove
that there is no ‘Beyond.” Skeptics believe in
nothing after death. How can one prove that nothing
exists?! R.R.]

Previously in 1911 Vice-Admiral Usborne Moore had
written in his book “Glimpses of the Next State”
‘When it comes to the passage of matter through matter
and others of the higher forces of spiritism [in
physical materializations and apports etc] that can
only be witnessed under favourable mental and
atmospheric conditions, it is difficult to see how
science can prove ANYTHING.’ But… ‘In the following
pages I shall make an attempt to contribute my share
to the general stock of information on the subject of
spiritist phenomena by recording those of my
experiences which I have every reason to believe are
genuine manifestations of power exercised by
discarnate beings who once lived on this earth plane.
Finally in 1959 Professor Hornell Hart of Duke
University, who had worked closely with
parapsychologist J. B. Rhine, stated in his book “The
Enigma of Survival” - ‘Human personality DOES survive
bodily death. That is the outcome which I find
emerging when the strongest anti-survivalist arguments
and the strongest rebuttals are considered thoroughly,
with dispassionate open-mindedness.’
Many, many other writers and researchers past
and present are convinced of survival and life beyond
death, including Australian lawyer Victor Zammit,
Harold Sherman, Hannen Swaffer, Lord Northcliffe, Lord
Dowding, Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard, Conan Doyle, Stewart White,
Paul Beard, Maurice Barbanel, Professor Gary Schwartz, Montague Keenl…..the list is endless, and of course, we have to include all our mediums!
Without them we’d be stumbling about in the dark.
[Richard R].

* here is an extract from that article about the
historic town of Chittenden, Vermont published in the
Rutland Herald for October 20, 2006:-
"At one time in the 19th century, Chittenden
gained notoriety of being referred to as the "Spirit
Capital of the Universe." The spiritualist activities
of the Eddy brothers, William and Horatio, prompted
this title.
The pair baffled experts in their seances.
"Spiritual manifestation and materializations"
appeared before those in attendance without
explanation. Col. Henry S. Olcott investigated the
Eddy brothers for three months. Afterwards he
declared, "The forms I saw at Chittenden, while
defying any other explanation that they are of
super-sensual origin, are still, as a scientific fact,
to be regarded as 'not proven.'"

The Eddy house still stands today, but in two pieces.
Apparently a disagreement between the two brothers
forced the family home to be cut in half. Today the
halves stand on opposite sides of a town road."

Clip courtesy of Robert Egby, who has himself written several books on Spiritualism, and is about to publish his autobiography, which should be interesting, since he was formerly a journalist and photographer covering the troubles in Cyprus in the 1950s onwards, after serving himself in the armed forces. publsihed titles of his include: "Cracking the Glass Darkly," Authorhouse. 2008 "The Quest of the Radical Spiritualist," Three Mile Point Publishing. 2009 and " Insights: the Healing Paths of the Radical Spiritualist," Three Mile Point Publishing. 2010.


In TV shows like “Beyond” and “Crossing Over” and
at services and meetings for messages and clairvoyance
we get brief evidential messages and words of
consolation and encouragement and perhaps some advice,
but rarely longer descriptions of life on the other
side. These are more likely to occur at private
sittings, or with direct voice and automatic writing.
In a recent book from Allison Dubois “We are their
Heaven” we are given a number of accounts which give
details of the manner of her clients’ loved ones’
passing and their spirits returning to say they are
still alive, and watching over their loved ones on
earth when they are needed, and this gives consolation
and closure to the bereaved. We are given the
opportunity of reading the stories from three points
of view, those of the sitters and their friends and
relatives, the medium and the spirit from beyond. But
in this book and similar by other contemporary
mediums, and in fictional shows like “Medium” and
“Ghost Whisperer” the accounts deal with
earthbounds, rescue work, psychic investigation of
murder scenes or spirits returning to prove their
survival. For longer accounts of conditions after
death, we have to look in the archives of psychical
research, and from personal records in the
Spiritualist literature.
There have been a number of these longer
accounts excerpted in this series, and here are a few
more, first of the return of an accident victim, a
woman killed in a traffic accident occurring on a
motorway near Hamburg in 1960. For those who read
German and are interested in reading fifteen further
longer accounts, the following pamphlet is well worth
a read:- “Was uns erwartet” by Walter Hinz, Zurich,
1962. [What awaits us.”]

This Hamburg story, says Professor Hinz, ‘is
valuable not only for its sense of immediacy, but also
because it brings into focus the different stages to
be experienced immediately after death.’ Here is what
the spirit of Catherine said, coming through on March
6th, 1968.

“I am one whose life was interrupted by sudden
death. My husband and I, with our two children, were
driving away for the weekend when the accident
occurred. We were on the motorway, and hadn’t gone
far when a car came towards us at great speed on the
wrong side of the road. I can still hear my husband
shouting in Berlin slang: ‘What the heck are you up
to?!’ In great agitation we saw what was going to
happen. The car bore down on us at a crazy speed and
we, or rather my husband, found himself unable to
avoid it. The collision took place in a flash. I
felt nothing more. The last thing I was aware of
were those words of my husband.
This is what happened: I and my younger daughter
– whose name like mine is Catherine – were dead.
William, my husband, was badly injured: Betty, my
other daughter, was all right. Soon, though I
couldn’t see anything, I began to hear what someone
was saying: ‘Those two are dead. The older child
isn’t injured, but the man seems badly hurt.’ I could
hear other words which I can’t remember, except
someone said: ‘Better take them straight to the
After that I was able to open my eyes and
what I saw shocked. I was lying, lifeless, on a
stretcher, and not far away lay little Catherine. I
was still hunched up. All at once I felt hands
touching me, straightening me out. Then I saw and
heard all the other people – the police were there,
and the ambulance men, other cars had stopped and
people had gathered round. All I seemed to hear were
the words: ‘Those two are dead.’

CATHERINE No! You can’t mean me – I’m not dead
at all, I’m alive.!

At that, a nearby person spoke to me. He looked
strange – somehow not quite human.

SPIRIT PERSON But you ARE dead, you have died in
an accident. Can you not see your mortal body?

CATHERINE That can’t be me! I’m here – I’m alive!’

Then I noticed my child, and the person went on:

SPIRIT Look, little Catherine is dead, too.
CATHERINE But it’s impossible! It can’t be true –
I’m here, alive. Why are you like the others,
insisting that I’m dead?

I watched my body being placed in an ambulance
with little Catherine’s body; the ambulance drove
away, but I remained on the same spot. I also saw my
husband being driven away. I spent what seemed an age
in that miserable place, in a state of confusion.
Gradually the people went away, and I was left
standing there alone. I began to realize that I
really was dead. I remembered the car coming towards
us, frightening us. But I still couldn’t grasp how I
could be dead and yet there, able to speak. How could
I be dead? I simply couldn’t understand it.
The person beside me began to explain.

SPIRIT Your spiritual body has left your earthly
body, which will now be buried. But your soul – that
which made you alive – will return to the kingdom of
eternal life.
CATHERINE Please let me go and find out how my
husband is. I want to see my husband.
SPIRIT If you wish, you may follow your husband.
CATHERINE If I really am dead, then my first
thought must be for my husband’s future.

I followed the tracks of the ambulance and found
my husband in the hospital. I was also worried about
Betty, wondering what had happened to her. I
discovered that my sister was taking care of her; she
had taken Betty into her home. My sister was very sad
– she was crying because I and little Catherine had
died. I went into her house, wanting to hear and see
what was going on. In due course I attended my own
funeral. From time to time I went back to the
hospital, returning to my sister’s house. I also went
again and again to my grave in the cemetery. They had
buried little Catherine and myself in the same grave.
I noticed that people regularly came to visit the
graves of their relative, and I waited to see who
would come to my grave. My sister did, but few others
took the trouble. I was drawn again and again to the
hospital where my husband lay. I was worried about
his future, and plagued by thoughts of what might have
happened to my little Catherine. I sobbed and moaned.
Then, when I was once more at the cemetery, a strange
being came up to me and begged me to leave that place
and go to the spiritual realm where I belonged. I
told him that I still had obligations to fulfill on
earth, but that I would gladly follow his suggestion
later on. I was still anxious and confused. I did
not know what I was supposed to do. Should I listen
to this stranger? And then the thought came to me:
‘Perhaps I might do as he says.’
He led me to a place that was quite unfamiliar to
me, and asked: ‘Would you not like to see your little
daughter?’ That was indeed my greatest wish – I
longed to find out what had happened to Catherine.
But I felt overwhelmed with anxiety. At one point I
said that I would like to see Catherine, then I wanted
to go back to my sister and Betty, and then again I
wanted to visit my husband. I was utterly confused
and agitated.
The stranger was aware of this and offered to
take me to his house so that I could rest and
recuperate. In the meantime there was much that was
reassuring; the spirit world was already taking care
of my husband’s health, and he would recover, for his
injuries were not critical. Little Betty was also
getting on quite well. Whatever happened, I would
have to come to terms with my new existence. But I was
still constantly drawn back to my house on earth. I
felt I had to look after things there, though my
husband was still in hospital.
The stranger now became my constant companion.
He told me again and again that it was senseless for
me to behave in this way – there were plenty of
spirits taking care of the future of my beloved
husband and daughter. Eventually I allowed myself to
be persuaded, and the stranger led me to the place
where Catherine was living.
I expected her to recognize me, call out to me
and show that she had missed me. She certainly did
smile when she saw me again for the first time, but
after that she hardly noticed me. This worried me,
for she was after all my child and I expected her to
love me. However, I saw that she was living in a fine
building with a beautiful garden, and that she and her
playmates lacked nothing. They had plenty of toys,
and were being looked after and kept amused by a group
of friendly spirits who were playing and singing and
making music with them. The children wore bright
colours – they had wreaths of flowers on their heads,
and some were dressed in special playsuits. My little
Catherine was quite happy. She was reveling in the
variety of toys and games, and was not exactly pining
for her Mummy!”

Reviewed from "Geistige Welt" Zurich, 1968 pp 102 ff

[Catherine’s story to be continued].

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