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Rescue Circles Part 39 The Spirit Body, its mind and personality, and more from Adelheid

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Tue,01 Mar 2011
Submitter:Richard Rowley - reviewer

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All the communications we have with the other
side show that each person’s unique mind and
personality survive death. Saints and sinners,
statesman, artists, philosophers, scientists and
ordinary folk alike, all retain their own stream of
consciousness, their level of understanding, their
likes and dislikes and way of thinking and everything
that distinguishes them, one from another. What shape
or form their spirit body takes we can never know,
though in the initial stages they tell us that they
HAVE a body, growing older and maturing if they passed
as children or growing younger if they passed in old
age. In the account below, Adelheid still has her good
singing voice and can work. Spirits can materialize
their body or a facsimile of their former earth body,
in a physical séance, or make it visible as an
apparition or ITC image, or audible at the direct
voice séance or as EVP, or as an orb or point of
light. But we will never be able to PROVE in material
terms that a spirit body exists, or tangibly examine
its many levels and qualities. All the proof we have
and need lies in our recognition of our loved ones’
consciousness and unique personality as they
communicate, together with all the evidential
information they can give.
This series is presenting spirits from
different countries round the world who have
experienced every type of death and bodily
disintegration, and yet have all survived to tell the
tale. What more evidence do we need to convince us of
an afterlife, and a continuing existence for all of
us? Now we will return to look at the
communications from Switzerland. [Richard R.]

Adelheid continued her narration:

“My confidence had been growing as I became aware
that my spirit companion apparently knew everything.
She must have brought me to the right house. Very
well – I would go in. When I opened the door a spirit
I had not seen before came hurrying towards me. I was
greatly impressed by his appearance. The spirit who
had brought me here had looked kind, but all along I
had sensed that she was not of the highest rank.
Those I was now meeting, however, had a special
quality about them. They smiled reassuringly, and my
anxiety vanished. I introduced myself.
‘Why, yes,’ they said, ‘we knew you were coming,
and we have already prepared a room for you.’
Then they led me down a long corridor to this
room, saying: ‘You may live here by yourself. If you
need to know anything about our regulations and our
way of life, you can go to that room over there where
you will always find members of our community willing
to give you the information you require.’
I thanked them and went into my room. I had a
good look at it and found it very pleasant, though it
was furnished quite simply. It reminded me of my own
modest life-style. The thing that impressed me most
was the wonderful feeling of order – everything was so
shiningly clean. I remembered what the angel had
said: ‘There is nothing material here: everything is
spiritual.’ So I accepted things as I found them –
orderly, beautiful and well cared for. This is
spiritual, I told myself, and therefore of great

Suddenly I felt tired. It was as though I had
been through some colossal exertion. I was still
somewhat confused, feeling that sooner or later it
would get dark, but it didn’t happen that way.
Instead I felt increasingly weary, and seeing a
comfortable couch I lay down. All I wanted was rest
and sleep. So much had happened to me - I’d had so
many bewildering experiences. All of a sudden, to be
in heaven! Could that be true? Was heaven really
like this?
Many other thoughts were racing through my mind,
but I was no longer able to think coherently. I
simply wanted to rest and to sleep. But one thought
kept coming back: when I woke up, might I once again
find myself a human being? Perhaps it was all a
dream? But for the time being all that mattered was

So I slept. For how long, I do not know. Time,
for me, had stopped. When I opened my eyes again, I
was not alone – two spirits were standing in front of
me. Smiling, they offered me a drink that was
intended to make me feel stronger. One of them
wrapped a shawl round my shoulders, saying, ‘Perhaps
you feel a little chilly, for you are not yet used to
this atmosphere.’ I did in fact feel rather cold. I
didn’t know whether or not this was caused by the
change in my surroundings, but the shawl made me feel
warmer. Then they said to me: ‘When you feel
restored, come outside and have a look round. Then,
after you have seen what there is to see and have
satisfied your curiosity, come back; it will be time
for you to get ready to start work.’
Work? The idea struck me as ludicrous. But I
very soon remembered that everything here seemed to be
very much as it was on earth, except that matter had
been replaced by spirit. I had imagined that in
heaven one would do nothing but pray and sing hymns.
The angels picked up my thoughts without my saying a
word. They smiled and said: ‘Of course, we too pray
and sing to the glory of God. But there is a right
time for everything. We also have to work. And if
you are interested in seeing how and where we work,
and what sort of work we do, we can show you at once
where to go.’

At that, they pointed in a particular direction.
Not far from our house were some buildings where
spirits were working. One only had to cross a river;
the workshops were on the other side. All I had to do
was to go there and make enquiries. If after that I
had further questions, these spirits would gladly
answer them for me.
Then they took leave of me. I rested a little
longer and continued to reflect. I still found
myself bewildered. Was this to be my new existence?
To be honest I had a feeling of guilt – I knew that I
had sinned and made many mistakes in life, although I
had been taught to behave quite differently. And
after all, if this was supposed to be heaven, where
was God? Where was Christ? I had thought that before
anything else happened I would be taken up to God, and
that I would see Him and Christ too. So I would know
where I was, and what to expect. But here I felt that
I was immensely far from God. We had been taught that
after death we would come into the presence of God.
Yet I was not in His presence.
These thoughts were occupying my mind. But I
did not want them to worry me too much, for I had been
told that my questions would be answered. Not wanting
to be too demanding, I decided that first of all I
would get to know my new environment. So I went out
of the house.
I felt stronger, and for the time being did not
have to bother about getting hungry or thirsty. On
leaving the house I suddenly felt perfectly well –
more free than I had ever felt as a human being. It
was as though I could fly, so light was my spirit. I
stood with my feet firmly on the ground in order to
find out whether I was walking or flying; whichever
was the case, I was indeed moving forward. I said to
myself: ‘Well, now you are a spirit, you have left
material things behind. What used to be a burden and
an effort to you is no longer there.’ I began to take
pride in being such a fortunate spirit.
Then I crossed the river, and went to watch my
fellow spirits. However, I still felt the need for
solitude. I was keen to discover what was going on in
those workshops. But to know that I too was to work
in them was for me a disappointment. As a human being
I had been able to sing quite well. I had sung in the
church choir, and friends and neighbours had taken
delight in my singing. I had thought that my new
companions in heaven might also enjoy it – perhaps
even God, Christ and the saints. But wherever could
they be?
While I was on my way I tried to see whether I
could still sing. And I found that I could – my voice
was purer and more beautiful than it had ever been.
But of course – I thought to myself – everything in
the spirit world is of finer quality; now that I had
been freed from matter my singing, too, would improve.
Breathing and walking required no effort. There was
nothing to cause pain. And now, I had discovered that
my voice had this wonderful new tone. My throat could
produce any sound I wanted. I felt sure that God and
all the saints in heaven would listen to me, and I
came to the conclusion that, with such a gift, I
certainly wouldn’t have to work.
Eventually I went into the workshop - a long,
narrow room where crowds of spirits were at work. I
felt dismayed, for it seemed like a factory on earth.
Could this really be heaven? Must one work so hard
here? Some of the spirits were weaving, others were
drawing and painting and making rugs. I was
astonished, walking through the room. No one paid me
any attention: they were all absorbed in their work,
not even looking up as I passed by. Nothing could
disturb them. One or two spirits seemed to be acting
as supervisors ‘So life here isn’t so easy after
all,’ I thought to myself. No one asked me why I had
come here. They seemed to be used to strangers
looking around.
From there I went to a nearby wood, in order to
sing as powerfully as I could. I hoped that someone
would recognize my talent and say to me: ‘You won’t
need to work – with a voice like that you’ll be able
to earn money by singing.’ Earn money? Oh, I hadn’t
thought of that. What would be the rate of pay for
the spirits in the workshops? Not very high, I
thought, for mass-production isn’t worth much. I would
certainly be able to earn more by singing.
Encouraged by this thought I returned to my
quarters, or rather to my small room. Once there I
began to sing again, hoping to attract the attention
of some of the more influential spirits. I sang and
sang. Soon it became clear that no one was taking any
notice of me. It was as though the place were empty.
I was greatly disappointed. Not wanting to give up
too early, however, I reflected on the fact that in
heaven one had to pray. I would prefer even that to
working like everyone else. So I prayed and I sang –
first one and then the other.
I went outside again, and found that the other
spirits had finished work and had gone back to the
house. There, they stayed quietly in their rooms. I
didn’t pay much attention to them, for I was thinking
only of myself and my own concerns. Finally, I
followed the advice I had been given and went up to
one of the angels; I told him that I had looked
around and had seen that a lot of work was going on,
but that music, singing and worship were lacking. The
angel assured me that these were all to be found, only
I hadn’t yet been to the right place. I could go to
one of these if I wished, but first I would have to
decide what kind of work I would do.
This made me feel uneasy. I wished to sing, and
I made it clear that I wanted the angel to take me to
wherever singing took place. I was given permission
to accompany other spirits to a building, supported by
pillars. It had a large anteroom where people could
talk to one another, and from this an open door led to
an even larger room, immaculately bright, where
spirits were praying and singing and making music. It
was a place of worship, but quite different from an
earthly church.
I was enjoying the wonderful singing, and I felt
sure I would be able to join this choir. When the
service was over I stayed on; I was convinced that my
voice would carry well in this room, which seemed
exactly right for solo singing. So I started to sing.
It was disappointing to find that there was no
audience – everyone had left. But I comforted myself
with the thought that they must have been tired; next
time, they would surely listen to me.
I decided to sing to my fellow spirits while they
were returning from work. So I did this. And to my joy
some of them stopped and smiled at me, while one or
two actually clapped. But it was discouraging to find
that they then continued on their way. No one said to
me: ‘Your voice is really wonderful; you shouldn’t
have to work, you should do nothing but sing.’ My
hopes were dashed. However, I gave the matter further
thought: if there was a Father in heaven, and if His
praises were to be sung, then I could be the one to do
it. At that time I knew nothing about spiritual law,
about spiritual order and progress.

It was a touch of arrogance that made me think: ‘
Shan’t be able to live happily in this cramped little
room. Having such a fine voice I should be able to
earn more and live in a house of my own.’ I had seen
other buildings in the neighboruhood, some smaller,
some larger than ours, and none of them so crowded. I
therefore asked one to the angels whether I couldn’t
serve God better by singing. The angel replied: ‘Yes,
of course you could well do that in your spare time.
But first you must take on a job of some kind.’
I continued to thrash out this subject, wanting
to know whether there couldn’t be some other way for
me. There was surely nothing more wonderful than
music and song for giving joy to God. But the angel
simply said : ‘Dear sister, you must know that you are
still so far away from God that He cannot hear your
That was a new shock for me. I had believed that
God could see and hear everything that happened, even
in the furthest corner of heaven. How could He not
hear Me? ‘You will find out about it,’ I was told.
‘Much is required from those who are allowed to sing
in God’s presence.’
It was now clear to me that conditions in heaven
were not as I had imagined them when I was a human
being. From that time on the angels did not stand on
ceremony with me, but gave me a specific work schedule
that I simply had to accept. All my talking had been
useless; I would not be able to win a superior
position in heaven through singing, nor would I be
able to earn more money than the others. I had asked
about the salary, because I wanted a better house.
But I had been told: ‘We have no money, and we desire
none; what you earn here is virtue. Your work is to
learn obedience, love, consideration and kindness; it
is these that you must try to acquire - they are the
best possible reward.’
I had to admit that this was true. At the same
time, however, I was still too closely bound to
earthly ideas to be able to recognize that spiritual
life has quite different conditions. They told me
that I would be granted gifts as soon as I had earned
sufficient virtue. In heaven, they said, virtue is
the most valuable of all possessions, and far from
easy to acquire. My life in the spiritual world then
began, and at the start it was hard enough.
They had given me ample time to look around and
make up my own mind. It was now up to me to show
either good will, or else greed and resentment. In
this way I would grade myself, and as a result the
other spirits would be able to recognize my position.
I had to work like the rest. I was also taught about
divine law and the plan of redemption, about Creation
and the need for spiritual purification, as well as
the way to gain virtue and lose bad habits.
So I became part of the new world and was struck
by its justice, its severity. Later I was grateful
for these qualities, for they enabled me to begin to
develop spiritually. I was shown leniency, but also
strictness, for I had to learn to be obedient. I made
progress. I was able to move on from the level of the
workshop and, rising with the angels, undertake more
rewarding tasks which gave me greater joy. At last I
was allowed to satisfy my longing to sing to the glory
of God. In time, I came closer to God and was to
repeat my question: ‘Will God and Christ hear my
singing? And the saints who live close to God?’ I
was told: ‘Your singing will be listened to when, in
the Communion of Saints, [when you have reached them,]
you sing to the glory of God – when that happens your
voice, too, will be heard.

That is the story of my ascent, which would take
too long to describe in every detail. Throughout this
experience zeal and obedience are tested over and over
again. I am happy now that I have joined the ranks of
spirits who belong to your community, and who stand
ready to serve you. Anyone who calls on us and who is
willing to submit his life to God’s law will be given
our support. Dear brothers and sisters, I have
recounted to you my first impressions of the next
world. Now I am going back, and I shall leave you
with the blessing of God. Your lives should be lived
to the glory of God. May God bless you.”

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