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Rescue Circles Part 4

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Fri,27 Aug 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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More about Air Chief Marshal Lord Hugh Dowding and Spirit Rescue Work.

I feel that the information in this article is relevant to all of us who do healing work of any kind, or belong to rescue groups or who say prayers for the sick and for those in distress on both sides of the veil. Most of us, whether aware of it or not, are off doing rescue work while our physical body sleeps!
Although Lord Dowding himself also had no conscious recollection of what was happening while he slept, beyond the usual vague awareness of dreaming,
his first wife, Clarice, who had died over twenty years earlier, came through during a sitting with Margaret Flavell, to say:

“You were with me last night. We took four little boys from the ‘sick bay’ of the hospital to the playroom in the children’s home. They were four
little children who had left their parents behind, and they were a little afraid. We couldn’t seem to quieten one little boy. Then the Egyptian friend who
has helped me so much said you might try. You stood there, oh, how I smiled, so shy and diffident, wondering what you could do. Then, to our surprise, you changed your etheric robe into an Air Force uniform. We none of us thought you could do that. You are full of surprises!

“As soon as the child saw your uniform he ran to you and said: ‘My daddy is in the Air Force, too.’ He was quite at ease after that and went with us quite
happily. You left him with the other children, and he did not notice our going. That was a good job of work.”

That was in early June 1943 when a number of
children had been killed in a daylight raid on a South
Coast church. And now here is Z. (Dowding’s guide) in
October, 1943:

“Last night was a night of activity on the lower
planes. You are a restless person and always anxious
to be with your flying steeds. Last night you and I
went with a Formation, and you led the Invisible
Brothers who intercept the explosions and save many an
earth life. They are very foolhardy, those flying
warriors, and often swoop low even when the air is
reverberating with shock. Often they would suffer
from the repercussions, if their invisible brothers
did not deflect the vibrations.

“I myself have watched them say: ‘Thought we
should have felt that one, flying so low!’ They did
not realize that they would not have felt anything
again if they had been left to themselves. What does
this name mean which I see so often with them –
Whoopee!?” asked Z. the guide, who was from earlier
times in Egypt and unfamiliar with modern machines and
idioms. Dowding explained that it was lively
expression of defiance and delight.
Z. “It is always accompanied by an uplift. It is a
word of power, and very often used. I wondered if it
was some god they worshipped, because it brought with
it no figure, only sound. That is what you were doing
last night and then you went to Heartsease’s * garden
where we discussed what you should say, and where we
decided to give more time to your young friend
James**. James goes sometimes for refreshment to
Heartsease’s home. She entertains many from the
company of warriors, because she says that they are
her boys, too. [They call Clarice “Heartsease”
over there. ** James’s work on the other side will be
the subject of a future rescue circle post. R.R.]
“You will know henceforth what you are doing
with us. Every big formation which goes out
automatically draws you the moment you leave the earth
body [during sleep]. You may think it strange that we
should need your help so much. Here is the reason.
We are working in the Shadowland between the Earth and
the lower heavens. There, hundreds of these young men
are remaining voluntarily, that they may help their
comrades still in the flesh. To them we appear very
often as remote personages, to be followed with a kind
of religious zeal – leaders who are a little out of
touch – though they are quite unaware of this attitude
“When they recognize one who is familiar and whom
they trust [such as yourself], they surge forward with
such a tremendous impetus that they carry all before
them. They know that they have passed the first
death, and the majority of them think that you have
also. That does not matter. All that matters is that
they can follow you. It is not only my love for you
which makes me work with you, but the great love which
binds us to Him, and the opportunity to forward His
plan. Truly He sees all, and weaves a wondrous

On another occasion Clarice came and told me that
on the previous night I had been working in
Concentration Camps, bringing sleep to sufferers.
Afterwards, she told me, she took me to the Animal
Spheres. Clarice had said “There are animals
everywhere – right into the celestial spheres, at
least what are celestial to me. I have found them
everywhere. There is one place which seems to belong
to them alone. None of us lives there. I went with a
friend to visit them. We had to cross a ‘space;’ it
was like a void. It is so hard to find the correct
word. That is the best I can do - a void. Then we
were among them. It is a rather beautiful place in
its way. Great crags and ravines and woods and
rivers: I saw lions and leopards and many wild beasts.
They were all quite ‘tame’ and did not seem to mind
us. One beautiful cheetah even followed me round.
The birds are so lovely I find it difficult to
describe them and their song so clear and exquisite;
it is sheer joy to listen. Beautiful trees and
flowers are everywhere, and butterflies and all winged
creatures. My friend showed me a valley where there
were some strange animals, some so beautiful in form
and so graceful in movement one felt spellbound.
These are some of the earth’s future inhabitants, I
was told.
Domestic animals were there too, dogs and cats
and horses, all happy together, but any animal which
is greatly loved by one of us seems to be much finer
in every way than his fellows. I mean that he LOOKS
finer too – more graceful, shinier coat, more alert.
Pets (which can only become pets by mutual love and
consent) can live with us. I have my two dogs and a
cat and three horses near to me. I seem to collect
them somehow. In my search for the animals I went as
far as I could reach into the Light and I found them
all the way. But only the pets. The farther they are
from their own place, the more they depend on their
Love Guardian. My friend told me that they only exist
on the Inner Planes because of the Love Bond. One
great Shining One has a beautiful leopard as his
companion. My friend told me the leopard had once
saved His earth life, a long time ago, and the ‘tamed
animal’ of those long-ago days has never been
separated from the love of his Guardian. Another
friend in the 5th Sphere from Earth has a gazelle as a
pet, and another a beautiful Borzoi. Dogs are more
plentiful, I find, than any other animal, lots and
lots of small ones. There are a lot of cats, too.
One thing I noticed that the animals in the Inner
Planes seem larger than their prototypes elsewhere.
Pekingese for instance are quite large dogs. Love is
the secret of their growth. I am so happy to find
them so far on the journey.”

Hugh Dowding comments: “Constantly during our
talks we keep getting little allusions to pets and
their co-existence with humanity after this life.
Margaret Flavell had a beautiful black cat called
Winston. The other day, during a ‘Rat Week,’ he
picked up some poison and was found dead in the
garden. That evening Clarice came to Margaret with
Winston in her arms, just to show that he was all
right. I now see that the question I asked,
inferring that we might hinder the progress of animals
by keeping them with us after death, was a stupid one.
Humanity has a definite responsibility towards the
higher animals, and association with humanity is one
of the ways by which the animal soul elevates itself
towards the possibility of attaining human
incarnation. The cruel exploitation of animals is, I
think, a greater sin than most people realize. The
retention of pets after death, so far from retarding
their progress, probably saves them from numerous

Returning to Dowding’s visits while asleep,
Clarice continued: “Don’t you remember the little fawn
which followed you about?” Alas, no. I was busy
having a horrible nightmare [comments Dowding.]

He goes on “Now let’s talk about somebody else
for a change. I want to tell you a very strange
thing, which is that living people, in sleep, not only
work alongside those who inhabit the Astral and higher
Spheres, but they sometimes carry out the work of
meeting those who are killed in action and helping
them across the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Here
follow three episodes of work over the sea, carried
out by women living in England now.

Amore (pseudonym): “In the Pacific. Out over the sea. Very calm and lovely. Someone clinging to a piece of driftwood. A young boy (serviceman); fair complexion. He lets go the driftwood and comes
rushing up to meet me so gladly.

Serviceman: I always knew my angel would save me.

Amore: As I gather him into my arms, I am suddenly aware that I have great wings. He is content and quiet.

Serviceman: Is this dying?

Amore: Yes, there’s your body down there.

S: I’m not sorry to leave it; it was pretty well smashed up. These filthy Japs – don’t – don’t drop me.

A: All right, but forget the Japs. I’m not strong in hate.
S: O.K. Gee, I’m glad I wasn’t too bad. Guess mum will be upset though. I’m her only son. Where are you taking me?
A: Somewhere to rest. You are tired.
S: Not now, I’m not. Are all these angels who are carrying us…just-dead people like me?
(I was aware that all the band of workers looked like angels.)
A: Yes, each has someone.
S: Gee, God is good.
The great violet ray enfolded us as he spoke, and
he slept. I left him in the Home of Rest.

My companion Koos (pseudonym) asked me to go back to the sea. Another rescue mission follows. Over the sea again. A distress signal flashed. Down
I went.
Drowning submarine officer: You’re blinding me.

I drew my cloak closely round me. Yora (pseudonym, my
third companion) was battling with the officer. Her cloak had slipped and her light shone into his face. I readjusted it for her: he couldn’t see me.
Yora: Thanks, Amore, he’s terribly afraid.
Amore: German?
Y: Yes, and not too savoury.
A: Do you need help”
Y: Link up with the Master of Love. He’s so afraid, poor fellow.
We thought of the Great Ray and gradually he stopped
struggling and grew quiet.

Then the next mission – there’s my case – an airman tangled in a wrecked plane under the water. The water-people help me. He is asleep, but as I touch
him he awakes.
Airman: For God’s sake Babs, go away. I’ve told you I’m finished. You should have taken care.
Amore: I’m not Babs.
Airman: Oh! Look, dear, these things don’t last indefinitely. Honestly, I’m not worth a tear.
A: I’m not Muriel.
Airman: Then who the hell are you? Gad, I should have stuck to wine. Phyllis, just one kiss. In these days a girl has to march with the times.
A: I’m not Phyllis; you must come with me.
Airman: Why? Oh why did I chase that Jerry? I should have been back at Base by now instead of in this filthy - water – water – water. Hey you! Where are you? What d’you want to disappear for? Why am I able to breathe in the water?
A: Because you are dead.
Airman: Dead?! Pull another one. I wouldn’t be talking to you if I was dead
A: Neither would you be able to breathe under water.
Airman: God! If you’re right, then these spiritualistic people who talk to spooks are right. You don’t die.
A: Only the body dies.
Airman: Then we can get away from here?
A: Certainly, take my hand.
Airman: Look here sister, no monkey business. I don’t carry money or anything of value on these trips.
A: I don’t want money.
Airman: Then what the hell DO you want?
A: To take you Home.
Airman: Home! That’s a good joke. Do you know where
my home is? Blown to blazes. My wife and kid too.
He was just sixteen months old. God damn and blast
every filthy swine of a Hun.
“The wave of hate and darkness surged over me,”
said Amore. “I felt faint, but remembered to open my
cloak so that he could see my light. As he cursed and
swore I kept struggling with the darkness. He
wouldn’t move.
Airman: I can’t see. I can’t see. Oh God! What have I done to deserve this?
Amore: Can’t you see me? I’m still here.
Airman: No. I can’t see anything. Christ help me!
“A flash of light cast the darkness away as he
cried the Blessed Name, and I knew suddenly what to
do. I changed my features.”
Amore: Can you see me now?
Airman: Bubbles, Bubbles darling; they didn’t get you after all! Darling, darling, hold me. I’m falling.
“As he lost consciousness I caught him and bore him to the Home of Rest.
Koos met me. ‘You managed? Splendid! His wife is just ready to wake up. He’ll see her when he is rested. Go to the Garden now; you
need rest yourself’.”

There are many such stories as these, from every war
or disaster that ever has been. This rescue work is
a never-ending story.
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