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Rescue Circles Part 44 'Mulberry' Helping the Dying. Fact and Fiction. Mental Health problems

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Mon,07 Mar 2011
Submitter:Richard Rowley - reviewer

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Though the image of the Grim Reaper is fictitious, as is St. Peter greeting us at the Golden Gate after death, there is truth in the idea of someone coming to fetch or rescue us and lead us safely into the Spirit World. A deceased relative, friend or spirit helper will be there to assist our journey.

The television series "Mulberry" (1992-93) depicted this very well. Mulberry, the son of Death and Springtime is an apprentice grim reaper, and he is sent to collect Miss Farnaby, an eccentric old lady living in a country house. The old lady is given a three month extension of life, as Mulberry tries to prepare her for transition, but she is stubborn, and over 13 episodes she manages to delay her death. Then the BBC cancels the show before the writers, Bob Larbey and John Esmonde, can finish the story. In a recent intervieww, seen on PBS in the USA in March, 2011, Bob Larbey said that the intended synopsis was that when Miss Farnaby finally died, many episodes later in extreme old age, she found herself on the Other Side, young and vibrant again, and there was Mulberry, ready to conduct her to her place at some level of the Spirit World.

This would be close to the truth about what happens to us after death. The Spirit World is around us all the time, and when it is our allotted or chosen time to go, we will not be left alone. It is only erroneous beliefs, or mental illness, which can obstruct the natural process. Trying to get through to people who will not, or unable to listen, is why there is the need for so much rescue work, here and there. This is illustrated very well by the writing of Vera Stanley Alder.

The physical body is a living energy system like
a miniature solar system or an even smaller replica of
the universe. Though the Eastern traditions have
described this living system in terms of the chakras,
prana and kundalini energy, and chi, acupuncture
points and so on, in Western terms it is probably
easier to understand our energy by examining the aura
and the etheric and astral bodies. An interesting
journey through these was described by Vera Stanley
Alder in 1940 in her book, “From the Mundane to the
Magnificent,” reprinted in 1979 by Rider and Company,
London, and by Samuel Weiser, New York, 1980. She
described how her guide Raphael led her on an inner
journey to the body of a nurse in a mental hospital,
and then to some of the patients. The whole book is
recommended as a guide to development, and an
understanding of disease and healing, but for now I
will just whet your appetite so that you can compare
the essential details with the knowledge of the chakra

Vera related how she relaxed in a meditative
state, and Raphael, her guide, led her out of body. At
first she became aware of peculiar feelings within
herself, like the rotating of wheels. It seemed as if
there were several wheels whirling within her as if
the inside of her body was like a watch. The
movements changed as if the wheels suddenly reversed
and went round the other way. They speeded up
tremendously, and she felt as if she was being whirled
around too. Eventually she calmed down and went over
to look at her inert physical body lying on the divan.
She started to see a beautiful delicate blue light
which spread through all the flesh, giving it a
hollow, transparent look. Then she could see it as if
in an x-ray. Raphael strengthened her inner sight,
and the blue light became stronger, and extended about
an inch beyond the skin. It shimmered softly with
quivering life. It was the etheric body, duplicating
every bone and vein, a complete and firmly knit second
body, composed of millions of tiny interlaced threads.
Raphael told Vera that this etheric body was her real
physical body, which fed and formed and built the
solid, physical one. It formed a link between the
inner chemical matter which composed the physical
body, and the electrical forces of life which could
reach it only through the medium of the “ether.”
Every living thing, particle, atom, cell, plant or
animal, has its own “double” or organized ether to act
as a conductor.

Vera looked back at her own body lying on the
divan, noticing little patches and spaces, or
blemishes here and there, interrupting the fine
webbing of the etheric body. Raphal explained that
they were only temporary, reflecting Vera’s anxieties.
Clairvoyants and medical intuitives make their
diagnoses of internal disease with this type of
vision, but with most people, focused as they are on
the physical senses, they have not developed the gift.

Raphael explained to Vera that the emotions or
feelings, sometimes termed “affects” so as not to
confuse them with the physical feelings, such as pain
or nausea or delicious tastes, these emotions can
sometimes overwhelm the mind and will-power. But
without the emotions we would have no driving force,
no incentive, no attractions, no love. They give us
the impetus into every action. Emotions are lawless
and irregular, beyond the etheric body which obeys
certain regular laws of electricity and
electromagnetism. [This explains why
parapsychologists’ measuring devices and ghostbusters’
equipment cannot measure the activities of spirits and
ghosts, beyond their traces in the etheric body and
the physical atmosphere, room temperatures and the
like]. Each creature therefore has an astral body,
made up of the emotions.

Astral atoms are much finer than physical and
etheric atoms, and we cannot see both physically and
astrally at the same time. Looking now with astral
vision at her body on the divan, Vera saw a thick,
grey smokelike substance, like a ghost. Raphael told
her that astral substance was completely different
from physical matter and its reactions. It was finer
and more rapid in motion than ether, along which
electricity and other forces travel. The astral body
can travel more quickly than electricity, faster than
sound. Astral stuff is non-physical and beyond the law
of gravity. Hence the ability to fly. Such dreams are
real experiences, in the astral.

Looking at the room with astral eyes, Vera saw
that every object was permeated with intermingling
colors, and she saw her own aura, and Raphael’s. He
explained that all our emotions are colored. We can
actually be green with envy, yellow with cowardice or
blue with melancholy. In an unevolved person, the
colors are dark and turgid, but as we seek the light
of Truth, that light literally irradiates us, and the
colors gradually grow brighter and lighter, until they
fuse back into one perfect original white light.
Then we have the perfect human being, surrounded, not
with a colored aura, but with a halo of light.

When we are in our astral body, we can pass
through physical things, including people, without
affecting them. They will not notice. There are
many degrees of astral matter, or astral atoms, each
functioning independently. Within and around us there
are creatures, spirits and entities, carrying on their
own lives and activities while flowing through another
life and oblivious to all else but their own sphere of
vibrations. There may be an astral planet passing
through our earth at this very moment, while we are
quite unaware of it.

On subsequent evenings Raphael took Vera out to
view the solar system. Then they went within to
examine the activity inside an atom. Finally they
visited a mental hospital. There they examined the
astral body of a nurse talking to a doctor. Vera saw
the solar system within her, with the glowing
“planets” or chakras near the heart, throat, brain and
solar plexus. As her sight strengthened, she saw the
beautiful etheric web, taking the shape of the human
form, with the brilliant sun which shone in the region
of the heart. Seven serpentine colored rays streamed
forth, their convolutions embracing the glowing
planets within the various organs of the body. Their
various colors gradually intermingled and wove with a
rotary movement until by the time they all reached the
periphery of the body, they had assumed the familiar
look of the astral body. This could be seen
encircling the figure of the nurse.

Raphael then showed Vera the lives or
intelligences which produced and ran the nurse’s body.
She was a splendid, well-balanced person. Vera
watched and began to see or sense a great form which
hovered with the aura. It appeared to be made of
auric substance, and it vibrated with life, feeling
and intelligence. Vera recorded “It reminded me of
the Deva spirit which I had seen brooding over the
countryside. As I remembered all the little lives I
had witnessed flowing out from his form to do their
work, I recognized the same mysterious activity once
more before me. Delicate being s of many sizes were
streaming through this nurse’s aura, each intent upon
his work. These busy lives passed through each other
without hindrance. The effect was of several films
superimposed one upon the other.”

Touring the aura from within, Vera saw opposite
her in the stomach a beautiful spirit or fairy of a
transparent orange hue. He was swaying back and forth
with a careful rhythmic movement. Raphael explained
“That is the living creature, sometimes called an
elemental, who takes care of the stomach – one might
say that the stomach is his physical body. He
controls within himself many smaller lives who produce
the various digestive juices and activate the lesser
movements of the stomach.”

They then went to examine the heart, and the
tremendous pipes of various hues which connected up
with it, and saw the intricate way in which it was
suspended from the surrounding walls of the ribs. The
noise was tremendous, a succession of pumping,
bubbling, sucking and creaking sounds. Then the
beautiful etheric form of the heart came into view as
the physical heart began to fade. They could faintly
hear now the slight hissing or humming sounds of the
electrical life forces as they flowed rapidly along
the various colored “neon wires” which formed a heart
of cobweb, as it were, as the living basis of the
physical heart. Vera noticed that the racing electric
channels each hummed a different note according to its

They then turn to astral vision, and the colored
rays which poured serpent-like from the center of the
heart swirled around it until they blended into its
enveloping astral bubble or aura. At the center Vera
could just discern a golden ball of fire. It was
loveliest sight she had ever seen. Raphael explained
the mysterious link of each creature’s heart with the
solar system. “Our entire solar system has as its
goal the expression of love. This planet will achieve
that goal by means of human beings whose hearts are
the instrument through which it will be transmitted.
We do not yet know what love is. The love which
humans and animals show is only the faintest beginning
of the real thing. The heart of the solar system is
the Sun, and the heart of the human is also, in its
inner essence, a little sun.”

Raphael then showed Vera the being who inhabited
the heart and made it work, the heart’s “elemental”.
She saw the very beautiful Deva hovering or
crouching within the sphere of the heart’s astral
bubble, or aura. His body seemed to be formed of
warm golden light from which flowed a wonderful sense
of peace, of comradeship and of understanding. The
wisdom of the heart. The spirit or elemental did not
appear to see them. He was sunk in deep concentration
as he worked to produce the muscular and etheric
activities within his body, the heart. Various small
beings could be seen under his control, working busily
at the functioning of the different valves.*

“Every organ in the body is run in the same way”
explained Raphael. “All the chemical compounds and
juices, of which there are an infinite number, are
compounded by little elementals, as clever or more
clever than our modern chemists. These chemical
compounds in the blood don’t just ‘happen’. Complex
happenings must have an intelligent initiator of some
kind. All these lives within a person’s body are his
servants, over whom he is intended to develop not only
complete and wise control, but cooperation. He is
always able to communicate with them and express his
wishes to them. If he is sufficiently single-minded
they will understand and obey him. But their vices
are a reflection of his own – be it laziness, lust for
power, self-importance! If their lord and master
allows any of them to become self-indulged, the whole
organization of his life becomes unbalanced.”

Looking next at the nurse’s brain, they saw
another solar system. The sun of this solar system
was right in the middle of the head. Its most
important neighbor seemed to be a luminous planet at
the root of the nose. High above them through the
top of the skull, they could discern a most beautiful
glowing fire-ball. Its many rays flowed out and
curled over until it gave the effect of a great
chrysanthemum made of living colored That was the
channel through which spiritual life flows into the
human being…. The thousand petalled Lotus. Each petal
connects with an aspect of cosmic life. All these
centers in the body, or chakras, rotate just as the
great planets do. Vera noticed that the chakra in the
center of the head (pineal gland) had comparatively
few petals or rays, and the one behind the eyes
(pituitary or “third eye” fewer petals still.

Within the aura or astral bubble of the third eye
or pituitary planet hovered a living, luminous being,
very intent upon its work. Into and out of this
very complex center passed a constant flow of
swirling colored waves, crowded with tiny little
creatures. It was like a telephone exchange or bureau
of information, where every experience and effort of
thought is registered. The more abstract or idealistic
thought produces strong radiations which reach out
towards the central or pineal gland, which is
controlled by the little sun in the center of the
head. This sun is a transmitter from the upper-most
center, the thousand petalled lotus, In a perfect
human being these three centers or planets are firmly
linked together, so that the personality (the
pituitary) is influenced by the spirit through the
higher mind (the pineal), and all the elementals and
living workers in the body can thus come under
control. The nurse was a decent and balanced person,
so everything was working normally.

Raphael then took Vera off to one of the mental
patients in the wards, to show her how unbalanced
minds contrasted with that of the nurse’s. In each
of the patients one or another of his elemental
workers had swollen to abnormal proportions, and was
conducting a reign of tyranny over the whole of the
person’s organism. In one, the thirst of an alcoholic
reigned, and the elemental had become swollen,
thickened and hideous. The other elementals at work
within the patient’s body were all demoralized and
paralysed by the fumes of alcohol, and the beautiful
etheric web had many rents and gaps in it. Through
these gaps floated astral forms of snakes, toads and
rats. The patient evidently saw them, for he shivered
and shouted in terror. “A case of delirium tremens,”
explained Raphael. “Those snakes and rats are the
forms taken by certain low types of elementals who
enjoy alcohol and are only able to function when they
are near to it. If this patient were to pull himself
together and conquer his craving for drink, it would
mean that he had regained control of his drink
elemental, who would gradually shrink back to his
normal size and shape. Our elementals take on our
human egotism, power-lusts and self-importance. They
reflect us, their masters – and they can become our
Frankenstein monsters.”

They next moved on to contemplate a patient who
was sitting shivering with fear. From his brain a
kind of astral cable linked him to a large dark grey
ball of smoke which was packed within his aura.
Inside this smoke many activities were taking place –
figures running, knives glistening, a kind of living

“That cloud is what we call a “thought-form” or
an “obsession”. It all began with self-pity which a
most dangerous activity and undermines the health very
much. In this case one of the thought-elementals
began to grow fat on this self-pity. He built himself
up until now he rules his master from that little
some-world of congealed thought he has made, so that
now his master has developed persecution mania. If
human beings knew of these elementals and exercised a
balanced and disciplined will, these things would
never happen, for the elementals are wonderful and
willing servants, when controlled.”

The next patient’s aura was quite hollow and
empty. There were no swirling colors, only a thick
grey shell of smoke which prevented any rays from
passing either in or out. Within the cold empty
shell its owner brooded, lonely and insulated from
everything around him. He made not response to
patients or nurses around him. He was a very
loving person, but he had centered all his love
possessively and exclusively upon one person, his
wife. When she died, there was a complete vacuum in
his life which he preserved in selfish grief until it
became an impenetrable shell. Call it melancholia or
depression. He prevented his colored etheric rays from
flowing outwards from the chakras. They curled in
upon themselves, forming tangled congested knots of
force like short-circuited live wires. This
smoldering coagulation was gradually burning and
disrupting the body cells. The beautiful structures
of both web and tissue were destroyed already over a
large area.

“You are looking at a cancer,: said Raphael.
“Brooding and resentment are very often the cause of a
malignant growth. When you look at this man you can
understand how it happens. It is always a case of
misplaced energy. That which we call love is really a
radiation which flows to us and from us from the Sun.
It should link us with all living creatures on the
Earth in an exchange of understanding and cooperation.
We human beings have made a travesty of the part we
are meant to play in respect of that might Sun force.
The result is disease, both mental and physical.”

The nurse they had observed earlier came towards
her patients. As she approached, her aura could be
seen radiating from the central sun of her heart soft
golden rays which were indeed very like sunshine. She
paused a moment and stretched out her hand to touch a
bowl of flowers appreciatively with her fingertips.
There was a vivid response as the blossoms awakened,
but this response came from their quivering etheric
counterparts which seemed literally to drink up those
golden rays with a passionate thirst. “Love feeds!”
remarked Raphael. “Ignorant folk would say she had
green fingers, and not trouble to wonder what that
really meant!”
The nurse then talked to the patients, and the
healing rays from her heart and her fingers linked her
up with them so that her mind could travel down their
length and literally dwell within her patients’ brains
with complete understanding. While she was there the
obsessions and the fog clouds melted and wavered, but
when she left them the old conditions re-asserted
themselves once more. “She is a fine person and loves
enough to heal, but not lastingly,” explained
Raphael. :For a real cure, knowledge is needed as
well as love, the sort of knowledge that I have given
you today, which would enable the patients to be
taught how to heal themselves. So you have seen what
lies at the back of disease.”

I would recommend those interested in this
subject to obtain and read the rest of this book, and
books by Ruth White, Caroline Myss, and Valerie Hunt ("Infinite Mind."). Vera Stanley Alder has herself written six other books with the publishers listed
above (Rider and Co, UK, or Samuel Weiser, USA):-
“The Finding of the ‘Third Eye’”
“The Initiation of the World”
“The Fifth Dimension”
“Wisdom in Practice”
“The Secret of the Atomic Age”
“When Humanity Comes of Age”

[*We can but wonder, in our heavily medicated bodies
of 2011, that perhaps these elementals are almost
drugged out of existence and unable to function,
leading to all these health and environmental
problems. Modern science and medicine does not
recognize these other levels and dimensions of
existence, only the impersonal functioning of
chemicals, waves, particles and genomes. For example,
the progress of the HIV virus can be arrested by a
costly cocktail of drugs, but we wonder what is going
on at the elemental level. Something else is out of
balance - perhaps our misuse of nuclear energy, and
promiscuous behavior generally and lack of care and
control of the blood plasma supply, needle use, and
contraception. The Catholic church is still
forbidding the precautionary measures which would cut
down AIDS cases by 90%. That is a criminal negligence, and certainly not compassionate and enlightened doctrine. Some
intense research into all this is urgently needed, as
well as realistic practical political and religious
action. Richard

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