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Rescue Circles Part 27

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Mon,13 Sep 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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Before continuing with the rescue work done by the group in Oregon in the 1950s, I want to take a trip back 40 years earlier to the clairaudient and clairvoyant mystic Mary Bruce Wallace, who received many messages between 1915 and 1924 from a family friend (A.B.) and also from a guide and teacher. She dictated what she heard to her husband, and some of the communications were published in two books, “The Thinning of the Veil” and “Coming Light”. Her brother, Wellesley Tudor Pole had similar mediumistic gifts, and was able to corroborate what came through, and of course knew the deceased family friend.

One of the communications discusses the greeting of children when they first arrive on the other side.

FAMILY FRIEND A.B. - I will tell you a little about my work amongst the thousands of little ones coming to our shores daily from Eastern Europe. We have special companies of women souls organized into bands to receive them, and to take care of them when their own mothers are left on earth. As they arrive, it is interesting to note the transformation that takes place. They appear at first very pale, though their spirit bodies are not emaciated as were their earthly ones, but they wear a kind of haunted look, with most wistful and sad expressions, as though they could not smile even if they wished. We find that the best thing to wake them from this kind of apathy, resulting from their past terrible experiences, is the sight of flowers; and they are at once taken to fields of these. The contrast of a beauty which is with their grasp with their previous experiences of terrible destruction and ugliness, immediately awakens a spark of joy, little or big, according to the nature of the child. Some smile faintly for the first time, others rush eagerly forward with shouts of delight to pick the radiant blossoms, which of course they are
permitted to do, until their little hands and arms are full of them.

By this time the beautiful influences which always breathe from flowers have refreshed the children to such an extent that their faces look quite different. Color begins to show in their cheeks, new light in their eyes, and the first gleams of happiness appear. We then separate them, and a great deal of consideration is here needed, as we keep families
together when we can. Where one child has died before his brothers and sisters, his Guide is on the lookout for them, and knows them by clairvoyance. In some cases one of our Mothers takes one family, in other cases a very competent worker takes a group of
families beneath her care in one beautiful home.
My work, as you may already have guessed, has been the creation of these homes in that particular region into which the children are entering. During the last six or eight months I have created several hundreds, and the work has kept me very busy, as I have had to train helpers to keep the houses intact. Here on the third plane we create by our thoughts.. It requires strong thoughts to build strongly, otherwise the things created will be flimsy. I take great pains to make these homes for folk very sweet and attractive, beautiful in every sense of the word, and harmonious in atmosphere; for that is the most important part of the work. One must establish in each home a key-note of joy, peace and harmony, so that the people who dwell there may feel uplifted, soothed and strengthened. It is really heavenly work for which some of us are better suited than others, and so we are asked to do it. One must have certain qualities of soul as well as of mind to be well fitted
for this creative work; a restful and joyous state of feeling, for instance, is essential. Rejoicing is active blessedness of mind which carries intense help to others. One needs also constructive ability, sense of order, a vivid imagination, and so forth.
The keynote on which the homes are built must be re-echoed from time to time, or they will disappear into space. For the children I have planned specially lovely gardens, as those seem to appeal to them more than anything else.
A veil is drawn between them and their memory of earth in its last stages, so that their recollections seem to be only of their earlier experiences and of their family love. They become radiantly happy in their new surroundings, where they are trained by special teachers to be fitted for life here, which will certainly be for them more delightful than had
they continued to live on earth. We have numbers of cases in which the parents and relatives die also. Homes are provided the, for united families, under the supervision of a visiting guide, who daily instructs them in the laws of the new life, and gives to the adults knowledge of the past, wisely withheld from the little ones. It is such engrossing work, and I have become so intimately bound up with it lately, and find that my practice in building houses is so much in demand that I am thankful and delighted to supply the
need, and spend the greater part of my time in this region, leaving my hostels on the Borderland in the hands of competent comrades.
Quite a number of my gardens and houses have been transferred to a higher plane, as those who inhabited them were ready for further advancement. Most of my buildings were on the second plane; now I have been able to bring them on to the third plane, as so many of the people were so happy there that they did not want to go to new ones, preferring to take their own with them. I have been carrying out the removal for
them. This involves a great deal of labour, because the whole fabric has to be done all over again, with finer material. I undo it, and effect the needed transmutation. I use the material again in a fresh and finer form. It is actual texture, created by thought; quite solid to the perception in this world; quite as much matter to us as the substance of your world is matter to you. So it has to be dematerialized before it can be materialized again in the higher form suited to the higher plane where the owners now find themselves.
This has been quite a new work for me, and is extremely difficult, but I have greatly enjoyed learning how to do it without expending unnecessary energy, and without losing any of my precious creations, which are to me most interesting, just as his own picture are to an artist on earth. I like either to see my houses and gardens left satisfactorily standing on the second plane, for souls who desire to possess them, or else satisfactorily
re-created on the third plane. If I were not able to effect the transformation perfectly, it would result in part of the house and garden being on the second plane and part on the third! Of course they pass through their unfinished stage, but I try to complete the operation as speedily as possible. It can be done in a very short time (as you count time). For instance, in a night I can get a house fairly ready on the next plane. In the interval the people for whom it is being created go to friends. The removal is just as natural as taking up a house and moving it on wheels and pulleys, and on a lorry, as on earth.
The joy to me is first of all that the people have become so speedily ready for transition to a higher plane. This is largely owing to the helpful atmosphere which I and others created in these homes, whereby their minds were so attuned to higher things that they evolved more rapidly than folk generally do. The second thing that gives me happiness is that the people want to take the homes with them, having found them in every way congenial. This is an even greater joy, because I see the terrible state in which these souls arrive from the earth plane; total wrecks and heart-broken, a piteous sight. One aches and longs to be able to comfort them. To be able to achieve this in even a small degree fills one with such deep joy that I scarcely know how to describe it to you. It is one of the most beautiful experiences that I have had since crossing over. I am at present quite enthralled by this work, and I am to go on with it, since Higher Ones seem to think I am well fitted for it.

Now, moving forward to the 1950s, here are some suicide cases which came to the Florence, Oregon rescue circle. Our spiritual teachers and guides tell us that we are never asked to meet problems that are greater than we can bear. But in our free will and non-understanding, some of us choose to free ourselves from the physical circumstances that bind us. Many people do get abnormally depressed after overindulging in the material side of the holiday celebrations, and that sometimes leads to suicide. Though these souls are not lost or punished, a little spiritual knowledge would have helped them overcome their depression.

Doris Buckley writes:-

Those who have, by their own volition, ceased to exist on this physical plane before completing their allotted life-span are apparently left to wander in a sort of no-man’s land until such time as they are ready to try over again. Often they have only a short time to finish off the life they tried to destroy.

One of the members of the rescue circle asked the guide:

SITTER - Is suicide really a termination of the life before its natural time, or was the life really supposed to have ended then anyway?

SPIRIT [of a young woman] - I am here in answer to the discussion you had in a personal way because I have just done it. I can see myself there in the bathtub with my wrist still bleeding. There is no hope of returning. The [etheric] cord has been cut and I am in full realization of my act. I have been trained along the lines that you are studying and can see how utterly foolish it was for me to do what I did.
The record is before me. I am not lost. There is a place for us who have done this. It would have been but a short time until I would have been here – and not in this degenerate state. Now free will has been taken away from me for a space, and I will wait in despair and sorrow until released. Then I will return and make good the karmic debt I have incurred. There was no reason to do what I did. Accept this, and it will help me in atoning for this act.

SITTER - What do you mean by karmic debt?

SPIRIT - In not completing my earthly obligations because of taking my own life, I incurred a karmic debt to those who were deprived of my services, my love and my protection. I must come back to make amends for that which I took away. Can you understand this? Karma is cause and effect.

SITTER - Then you DID go before your time?

SPIRIT - No. In this realm time does not exist. Time only exists for the body that I have left behind. That would have been infinitesimally longer, and through natural means I would have passed here. There could be times when it is excusable, but not when there is anger in the mind and in the conditions that exist. Never, never take a positive action to end your own life. [The woman leaves.]

ANOTHER SPIRIT - Hear there!

DORIS - What is your name? Do you stand in the light of God?

SPIRIT - Yes, I accept the challenge. I seek to do no evil. I am a wanderer who seeks solace and friendliness. Listen and ask questions. I promise that I will do nothing that will harm anyone.

DORIS - When did you pass on?

SPIRIT - In 1954 at the age of 63.

DORIS - What will we call you?

S - The name of Henry was the one I used.

DORIS - Are you Henry Peters?

S - Does it matter? Yes, I am that which remains of Henry Peters or who was known as such.

DORIS - You know us, don’t you?

S - Yes, that is why I am here.

DAN (The Medium) - If you really are Henry Peters, tell us the name of the book you had of ours that was never returned.

S - That is not necessary but it was by Stone, “Immortal Wife.” Does that satisfy you?

[This was evidential. Henry Peters was a friend who had disappeared several months previously. An avid reader, he had borrowed books from the Buckleys, the last, never returned, being “The Immortal Wife.”]

DAN - Can you tell us what happened to you, how and why?

S - What happened was the usual and rather sordid that I would rather not speak of.

DORIS - What about the property and things you left behind?

S - What difference? The things have no value to anyone who counts. If anyone can lay claim, let him have them. They do me no good.

DORIS - Can we help you from this side?

S - No, that is not necessary. I have to return to make new karma for that which I lost then [complete unfinished business]. That will not be long. I think things will be different as far as I am concerned.

DORIS - Perhaps you do not understand about progressing where you are.

S - No, it is you who have an imperfect understanding. Ask your teachers. They will explain many things if you ask specific questions. My life was used in a wrong way, and until I make this right and progress to the next station I cannot receive help from your side. I can hinder my progress by doing wrong things here, but I do not intend to. My progress will start when I return. In the meantime, I am static and can visit if people will accept me. It makes things easier, but it is not necessary for them to do so.

DORIS - Then we can’t tell you anything about things here that you don’t already know, can we?

S - We can see things that you do not even imagine, but without permission we cannot speak of them. We are very limited in my state. I have tried to come through before, but you did not leave an opening. It is pleasant to contact those who would understand and
not criticize. There are things that from time to time we can help you with, but we have a limited vision as far as vision goes on this side. Sometimes things are blurred to us in my state, and we make errors. These are corrected for you by your teachers….The thoughts that you have for me do me good. Also, in a way, they make me warmer. Goodbye
now. I will try to come again if you permit.

GUIDE - Frank wants to contact Doris. Will she accept him?

DORIS - Did I know you? What is your full name?

SPIRIT [Stuttering.] - The FFFffrraannkk tthhaatt yyoouu-DORIS Slow down, Frank

SPIRIT - [continuing to stutter throughout. A good evidential sign, but it slowed down he conversation to a snail’s pace.] I need to. You knew me many years ago I died in 1929. Do not ask me as I get excited when my name is talked of.

DORIS - Did I know you at Salem or Monmouth?

SPIRIT - Salem, not at school. At work.

DORIS - In the cannery? Northwestern?

SPIRIT - Yes. You were kind to me and talked to me and understood my infirmity.

DORIS - Did you stutter then?

SPIRIT - Yes, as you see. When I can talk of things that interest me, I can overcome it. But people would make fun of me. You did not. Have a good thought for me as my time here is drawing to a close. Soon you will see me again, but not recognize me. I will
recognize you for a short time when I am very new.Then we all forget our former lives. You will meet me in about one month.

DORIS - Who will you be born to?

SPIRIT - That I do not know. It would not be good to have that known, as a child should have an even start. I am getting excited, so I had better go. Thank you, Doris.

Doris had a strange dream a short time after that. She dreamed she was present when a baby was born. It was handed to her, and she seemed aware that she was to watch out for this baby. His face and coloring made a definite impression. She doesn’t
remember consciously meeting the baby in real life after that, but quite possibly she did, in passing by in a public place, without it registering.

Later the group was singing an old-time vaudeville melody. A spirit is listening.

SPIRIT - I have not heard old-time music like that for a long, long time.

DORIS - Won’t you sing with us?

SPIRIT - No. That is not permitted. I am not of this world but traveling in the ether to circles to await my next coming. This is because I did not die in the right way and there is no place to go until I return. It is lonesome, and I need to hear some of the old things sometimes.

DORIS - Would you like some old hymns?

SPIRIT - No hymns, please. That is what made me do what I did! There is another way than bringing sadness all the time. The hymns depressed me, and you
now what happened.

DORIS - Some hymns are happy ones. Are you where you can observe the things that need to be done in this world so you will know where to help when you return?

SPIRIT - Yes, that is true. But I will not be with you long when I return. I had almost lived the span when things went wrong. Now I have to finish and then return here for instructions. If I had just held on for a short time, it would have been different. Could you sing another song? That was good.

The group sang several more songs for him. He seemed to relax and enjoy them. When we finished he said:

SPIRIT - That was good. It helped. I will leave. I thank you for what you have done.

While talking about suicide during a later séance, a wandering spirit tried to communicate, but didn’t make much sense. A spirit teacher came through
to explain what had happened.

SPIRIT TEACHER - This last entity was not ready to contact groups as yet. The mysteries and limitations have not been explained to her. We appreciate what
you have done for those who wander through space for reasons of karma. These entities missed the purpose that they were placed with [on earth] this time around, and ceased to exist of their own volition [committed suicide.] This means they have to go this
route again and cannot advance until they expel the thoughts that set them on the wrong path. This one had a particularly hard existence and only stopped in the final tests. She did not fail. She has no hatred, and therefore her lot will be easier next time. People like her have a sincere desire to help where they can. That again is in their favor. Have a
good thought for these entities and try to suggest that others do likewise.

Later that week, two more suicides came to talk. They sought companionship and were also eager to help the group in any way they could.

DORIS - How can we help YOU?
SPIRIT - We on this side can build strength to return and remove unpleasant karma as you on your side help us by listening to us and letting us assist you in a physical way.

One spirit came through with a bad cough, but had apparently completed all of life’s tests before approaching death.

SPIRIT - One thousand days of suffering is too long. The pain still exists. Is there no surcease? Where can help be found? If anyone can answer, in the name of God! Please!

DORIS - Are you passed on to the other side?

SPIRIT - That I do not know. It seems that I passed long ago. Again when the pain is more than I can bear I am in the body.

DORIS - We will call on our teacher and ask what we can do to help you.

VERNOL [SPIRIT TEACHER] - There is little that we can do at present. It will be but a moment until we receive him into this plane. He has suffered greatly, but it has been necessary. There is only this existence for him on your plane, and then he goes to a
much higher existence.

SPIRIT - Thank you for the help given me. Your thoughts help me through these last minutes.

He breathed his last breath through Dan [the medium] and passed on. Dan’s body quit writhing and became relaxed and calm. Then the entity spoke again in a quiet, peaceful tone of voice:

SPIRIT - The peace and understanding of all the angels of light be with this gathering for helping me during those last moments. If, when I get to my destination, there is any favor I can bestow on you, believe me, from the depth of my soul, I give all. The blessings of God be upon you.

The same entity came back the following night.

SPIRIT - I return to thank you for the aid that you gave me when I was here before. The peace and joy and utter relaxation here is indescribable. The cough I gave was only to identify myself. I have no pain, nothing but joy. There will be a rest period for me
here, and then I will return for one more time. If I succeed in living that life as I should, I will go into the realm of students at the feet of the Master and then go on from there. Let my will accept the divine will. Again I give thanks and strength to you gathered here for what you did for me.

Doris writes: Perhaps these unfinished life spans account for the brief lives some babies have. They live only a few hours, months, or years and then pass on. They just had a little more to experience on earth, or to give to others.

Sometimes a spirit who has committed suicide will remain closely in contact with the earth plane for the remainder of the time originally meant to be spent here, instead of returning for another incarnation. Such is the case of Stephen Ward, the artist and osteopath, who committed suicide at the end of his trial in 1963. His communications are available to listen to on-line at He committed suicide almost by accident in a moment of stress, overdosing on sleeping pills. He remained in contact with the earth plane for over ten years, which, if he had stayed alive on earth, would probably have been the remaining years of his original life-span. During this ten year period, he was quite active on the ‘astral’ planes, and gave vivid accounts of his experiences, adding to our knowledge and information about the other side, which is also covered in articles about the World Beyond [see The Spirit World section on this website].

A useful book covering the effects of suicide on the future life in the spirit world is "Suicide: what really happens in the afterlife?" by Pamela Heath and Jon Klimo. Berkeley, Noth Allantic Books. 2006. Richard R.

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