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Rescue Circles Part 23

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Fri,03 Sep 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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Rescue Circles (23) Helping earthbounds, a dying millionaire and Nature Spirits in North America

By the time he had been over the other side for eighteen months, Joe, the diplomat brother of clairaudient medium Cynthia Sandys had already been
helping others pass. Here are one or two more communications from him.

“In the haunted hotel on the island, I saw and spoke to several wraiths (ghosts) who were most unhappy and horrified. I discovered that they had
been executioners and as their lives were sought by all the townsfolk, they went in fear of the lives; and after their lives – which all seem to have ended
violently – they continued in this state. I said:

JOE What are you afraid of?
SPIRITS (answering in turn). Everything, excepting you, you bring such a sense of calm.
JOE Have you never left this island?
SPIRIT No. No. We can’t leave it. If we do, we shall be killed horribly.
JOE But you are already dead. You can’t suffer bodily pain any more.
SPIRITS (They all looked astonished). But we are alive – we have bodies.
JOE Yes so have I, but I have been dead for eighteen months.
SPIRIT Can you help us escape from the island?
JOE Yes, at once!

Greatly to their astonishment, we all floated out through the ceiling.

SPIRIT (talking to another). He must be right you know, I could never have done this before.

On landing, they caught sight of a car on the wharf, and asked me what it was. I realized that they were still living in the Fifteenth century, so
explained briefly that it was a kind of travelling coach. They looked puzzled and asked where the horses were, as they saw it move without any. I tried to
tell them that it was now several centuries since their death in the body, but they frankly refused to believe a word of it, so I said, ‘Well, go off, and
find out for yourselves.’
Coming back a little time later, they clung to me and said they’d seen no one they knew, the whole place was changed, and no one spoke to them. I explained that they were invisible to those in the body, being now in their spirit-bodies, but they couldn’t take it, and kept on reverting to their old lives.
Then suddenly, one of them stood up and groaned, ‘Look, look, there is Alexis.’ And looking in the same direction I saw a man who might have belonged to their period. He came towards us and on recognizing them, he said with horror, ‘You! You here? I thought I’d left you behind forever.’
My party were cowering in terror by this time and I was trying to shield them. I asked the stranger what he had against them.
‘Against them? They are the executioners. I was one of their victims.’
‘Don’t worry,’ I replied. They are now your victims. Look at them.’
And with that he laughed and said, ‘Yes. It’s all over really. It was just a sense of the old bitterness. Now it has passed, and I will help them.’
Which he proceeded to do, and gaining courage, they left me, to follow him.”

“Wondering what happens to the millions of people who come over with no one to help, I found myself in a rather rich house, with an old man [named Rob] just passing out of his earth body. He had been a real tycoon in industry and very rich. His poor old wife couldn’t face life without him. He’d always done everything and now she was alone. I sensed that they had no children, and he’d been so successful that he’d alienated most of his contemporaries, and there he stood outside his body, a grey, frightened individual completely alone.
I went up to him and spoke some sort of a welcome to show he wasn’t quite alone. He heard me, looked round the room.

ROB How did you get in?
JOE [pointing to his corpse on the bed]. You’re in the next world.
ROB What have you done to me? Have you killed me?
JOE No. You must remember your illness. Well now you have died , according to the doctor, but you see, there is no death, only a change of body; how do you feel?
ROB I don’t know who you are, and you’ve no right to be here, get out.
JOE Of course, if you say so. But then you will be quite alone.
ROB No, I didn’t mean that, you can stay, you are only a voice anyhow. (Then he began to see me). Oh, you’re not only a voice – you are a man! Well how do you see me and my wife doesn’t? Can you tell me that?
JOE Yes, you are an etheric now; you have left your physical body for ever.
ROB That can’t be true, this is just a dream and a very worrying one too. I’ll wake up in a moment. (He went over to the bed and tried to overlay his body, but it was cold and repellant). Can’t do it. Well, come and help me whoever you are. Anyway, I’m NOT DEAD!

“But he was so exhausted that I was able to persuade him to lie down on a sofa in his own room and in a moment he was asleep. I knew he would wake before his funeral and need help, so I kept a tab on him and sent out messages to find out his condition. When people began to come into his room I feared he would wake, and so he did. Looking up suddenly he saw me and said:

ROB Hello, you here again. Who the devil ARE you?
JOE Not the devil, just a guide to explain and help you to deal with this new situation.
ROB What situation? Oh yes I know you said I was dead. Well that’s a good joke; I’m fine, simply grand, better than I’ve been for years. I haven’t
woken up as fresh as this for a long time.
JOE Wouldn’t you like to come outside and have a breath of fresh air?
ROB No I’d prefer to stay here. If as you say I’m dead, then I’ll prove to the wife that I’m nothing of the sort.
JOE Well, go and try, but remember you are in a different body now and she can’t see you.
ROB Well that’s as may be; I don’t feel ghostly or airy fairy – I’ll have a try. (So saying, he got up and started to walk out of the room swaying badly. I took his arm). What’s wrong with me? I’ve not been drinking, but I can’t walk steady.
JOE You have to learn to walk with your new body.
ROB Oh stop talking all that trash, here I am just as I was in my old pyjamas, there’s no change.
JOE Well go on and see.

“The door was shut, he seized the handle and tried to turn it, but his hand slipped off the polished surface, and the effort he made sent him through the door! That shook him. The stairs were the next obstacle. He held on to me and floated down quite comfortably. ‘Like sliding down the banisters
as a boy,’ he murmured. We came to his wife’s sitting room. Again the door offered no barrier, but he began to feel uncertain of himself. His wife was
writing letters and crying as she did so.
ROB Hettie, Hettie, don’t cry, I’m all right. Hettie don’t you hear me? (He tried to shake her arm, but he could get no grip. He yelled into her ear, but
she took no notice. He became exasperated). Has she gone daft?
JOE No! But YOU’VE changed. You’ve passed through two doors; you floated own the stairs, and now you expect her to hear your voice which has no material vibrations. Go up to that large mirror and breathe on it – can you see your breath?
ROB No! But what am I to do: Than goodness you ARE here, I can see you and you can see me and hear me, otherwise I’d go mad.
JOE Do you know or care for anyone who has already died?
ROB Oh yes, plenty, but how do I reach them?
JOE By thinking of them, your thought calls them.
ROB That doesn’t seem sensible, but I’ll follow your instructions.

“I urged him out into the garden. I wanted to get him away from his weeping wife. There were some chairs under a tree and I said: ‘Sit down and think.’ He sat, but not on the chairs. He floated above them and complained that I’d put one of those damned air cushions under him. All the same he was quieter, and he soon began to think of his old friends.”

ROB There was George who died last year. No, he had had a terrible illness, he couldn’t be alive now.
JOE He is, just think of him and call him.
ROB George, this is silly but I’d be right glad to see you. (In a few seconds the form began to appear of a quite healthy middle-aged man). Oh George, how did you get here?
GEORGE I heard your call. Have you come over too, Rob? (For a few moments the two old friends compared notes and were so relieved to find each other. Their conversation rumbled on, Rob becoming calmer and more content and eventually he slept).

JOE (to George). What about you, are you an established etheric? GEORGE Well not quite, but I’m getting accustomed. I’ll look after him. Thank you for looking after and helping old Rob. You know he’s not a bad sort really.

Joe left the sleeping man to George’s care, and went off to continue with his other work.


Elementals and Nature Spirits of North America.

Probably a lot has been written about the spirits of the land over here by indigenous writers, but here is an account made by a Scandinavian writer,
Signe Toksvig, compiled from the unpublished manuscript of a Dutch clairvoyant, Mrs. Dora van Gelder Kunz, who has published other books on healing, the aura and fairies. This article first appeared in an edition of “Light” magazine some years ago. Here are a few extracts:

“One fairy spirit is found in various sizes and colourings nearly everywhere on earth. He is found in the New England woods as a green creature. He is
small, some two feet six, and rather human in form, but the material of his body is in the nature of a cloud of coloured gas, and in fact is exactly that,
only so fine that it is beyond the lightest we know. It is held together in a form, since it is not just chemical substance but living substance, with life
saturating and holding it. His movements are due to his desire to be somewhere and to do something. The denser part of his body is emerald green, and it has an inner organ, a glowing, pulsating center. On rare
occasions when he is curious or tries to think, his head glows a little also. His heart center has one peculiarity. He can control it and that is how he
gets into touch with things around him, especially living beings. When he wants to respond to the plant, he makes his heart beat at the same pulse rate as the plant. This synchronism unifies them. Each kind of nature spirit comes into the world with a limited and definite range of rhythmic power, according to his personal nature and his species.
His work, and his pleasure too, is to help growth in nature. That seems to be the function of the whole realm of nature spirits, from the primitive
“elementals” through the fairy kingdom and to the “angels,” or the highly developed beings who are at the top of the line of evolution, or hierarchy. They are as superior to the fairy spirits as man is to the animals.
The fairy spirits in this description are not unlike animals and children, to whom they respond most willingly. They like to play at dressing up, which
they do by drawing “the denser part of the ether about with will power, and conceiving a thought garment, or even changing their form. Most of them are deficient in concentration and so they do not keep up the show
for any length of time.”
Dora conveys in her accounts the beauty, serenity and majesty in the upper reaches of the hierarchy of nature spirits. They inhabit all the elements, earth, air, fire and water. Most of them do not have physical bodies, but some of them do.
Even a sun-baked boulder has in it the faint stirring of personality. Like and dislike are known to the rock. The tree spirits, which are the trees’
souls, have as marked and differing personalities as the races of mankind.
Among the water spirits there is an off-shore kind which is small, merry, round and full of energy which they enjoy conveying to swimmers, those just
taking a dip, and even those who walk by the sea. This renews and invigorates the humans’ energy.
In the Rockies great spirits dwell, ruling the peaks. They convey a sensation of strength and royalty, and kings they are, ruling over many
inhabitants of the fairy kingdom.
Of all the earth spirits, the aristocrats are in the Grand Canyon. Unlike the little green spirits of the New England woods, those who dwell in the earth
are vivid in colouring. One is purple and fire colour, another is brown streaked with red. There is great local variation even among the common wood and garden fairy spirits. In Florida there are scarlet and purple ones, horizontally banded. In California golden ones, sometimes in solid colour and sometimes striped with pale shades. In the North-Western States they are blue and also of a delicate lavender. But those in the Grand Canyon are unusually intelligent, and they have greater power of concentration. They
also convey a sense of great joy. The Angel of the Grand Canyon is the Master of a workshop in which is felt the closeness to the innermost secrets of nature.

These angels are the beings who guide the much more elementary spirits in their work. They are very positive beings, even though they sometimes have to do with destruction in the service of life.

Dora was able to communicate with these spirits as did Tudor Pole, through a process of thinking not with words but with images, with a type of feeling or clairsentience. The process is slow with the less evolved, and too fast with the higher nature spirits.
She had a talk with the Angel of Biscayne Bay about the hurricanes that struck Miami in the 1920s. She writes “We were in Miami not long after the two hurricanes. I asked the Angel of the Bay to tell me about it. He did so by giving me a great number of mental pictures combined with feeling. There is only one difficulty in talking with an angel. What he considers to be one idea is to us about twenty, and one is always behind him in catching his ideas.
A hurricane is a necessary discharge of accumulated energies, and the nature spirits of the land don’t like it, but, being fatalists and realists,
knowing better than us that life is a flowing in and out of forms, they accept the disaster and only try to save what they can.
The Angel of Miami through it all gave off strong waves of steadiness to people and to his fairy spirits. He is a large calm person, who has a sense
of enjoyment in living, encouraged by the country in his charge and its climate. He feels rather kindly towards Miami, in distinction to angelic attitudes
generally towards our cities, because he appreciates the fact that indirectly it means more farms and fruit orchards, which are all life and experiment and
opportunity for him and his workers. But he did not like the real estate boom, because it meant wanton destruction of verdure and the landscape, and this, like the useless wiping out of forests in the North-West, is resented.”
The Mississippi is a Being, not an Angel, but really quite like Old Man River, a magnificent personalized force, only a trifle clumsy in his amusements.
The giant redwood trees in Northern California also have giant personalities, but with them it is not so easy to talk “because their thoughts are concerned with remote ages, and it takes time for them to take
an interest in new things.” One great tree spirit called up for her a scene from the past when trees and people understood each other and saluted each other as they went by. Now they feel that humanity is alien. The attendant fairy spirits around were interested, however. They wanted to know about motor cars. Like the faun Kurmos who talked with Roc, they thought it
so funny for people to sit in little boxes in order to move about.
The island angels, however, understand about cars and some of our other inventions. In the San Juan group off Seattle, there is an angel in charge whose very aim it is to make a haven for weary humanity. He has saturated the group of islands with his friendly atmosphere. He is of a steady, slow temperament, full of kindly wisdom. His fairy spirits follow his wish
that they are to be welcoming to human beings, there must be no barriers. He tries to help island visitors to develop along their own line of growth.
Many people feel his benign presence even if they do not know of his existence.
The nature spirits are brimming around us, on every part of the planet, and happiness results in the mere belief that such a world exists. Knowledge and certainty about this natural process would come in due course, along with the ability to see it, through clairvoyance, or etheric vision.

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