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Rescue Circles Part 21 Lancelot and Roc

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Fri,03 Sep 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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Rescue Circles (21) More rescue work beyond by Lancelot..

April 1929

LANCELOT I want to tell you about my ways to crown my babies with joy. I teach patterns of forms like ferny things in hundreds of colours. I have to teach them to see beauty, you see, and to learn to love it. They are so little in their minds, and when I show them, they can’t understand at first, but soon they begin to know what is lovely and to be pleased by it. So I invent lovely things to help them on, and they get ever so excited over it. I do so love to teach them like that. I am first in my class for teaching babies, and I am going to teach older ones soon. It’s nice to be first and I’m very proud of myself.
Christopher is getting a big boy now, and that’s the age I’m going to teach soon, and then I shall come and teach him. What fun that will be!

May 1929

I want to tell you about a fellow in my school who tries to make his Mummy hear him, but she thinks he is dead and done for. He is so amused because she makes her face so grave if she has to say his name. He says she doesn’t really feel unhappy, only she feels she ought to be sad about it, so she makes a grave face and looks sorrowful and tries to cry. He is laughing at her. He doesn’t love his Mummy, and yet he is quite a nice boy.
I want to help those people who haven’t any love in them, and I would love to help her if she can be helped. But those sort of people are so muddy. We can’t get their minds clear at all.
I shall be able to begin a new sort of training very soon. It’s all to do with light and the rays that come from suns, and all about great fires which
are for heating the bodies which all spirits have to live in when they’re little, and other sorts of spirits too in different sorts of bodies. All bodies
need to be heated by rays of light from suns, and that’s why worlds all go round a sun of some sort. I am to learn about light and its rays, and why dark is so solid and light is so clear.

June 1929

I can see thousands more colours on the trees, and birds have little thoughts about children of their own, and love thoughts of happiness, and chirps of contented bustle and playing. I see things much clearer than [Uncle J.] can.
I am in a bigger class now and learning more difficult things, and I am able to understand so much more than I could have on earth. Dad wants me to be his boy and to be proud of me, so I am working hard for that. He will know about it when he comes here.
Oh Mum, come soon. But I know you must stay till you are told, and so must Dad. By the time he comes here I shall be able to help him and show him how to be an angel too, and won’t that be fun to be able to teach
my own father!

[Lancelot relates how he visits other parts of the world, and also going to watch the formation of life on other planets, in between his own work and his
visits home to see his parents and family. Then he goes off to school which seems a long distance away, and learns to work with colour rays].

May - June 1930

LANCELOT I feel much older to you now Mum I know, because I am grown up nearly now. I didn’t have to dawdle along while my body grew, I just went on at spirit rate, which is ever so fast compared to earth growth. I’m much older than I should have been on earth.
I want to tell you a thing which is my greatest work till now, and that is a tuning of minds to God’s waves of love. I go where I see a mind out of tune,
all “jangle wangle” not a bit happy, and then I tune it up to hear God’s words so that it has love thoughts instead of critical ones. That’s how I do it, by just
pouring out love over those gangling thoughts till God is filling them up. Of course I can’t do it by myself, but I am learning how to be a messenger of
God, and that is one BIG WAY. Granny (still on earth) is a big God’s messenger, only she doesn’t think so, but she is, much more than little me yet. I have only just begun to see how much more important
it is to cover up people’s wrongnesses with love than to make them unhappy over it.
I went away from earth to another star somewhere, and they were having a grand procession of spirits of colours. Rays of light came where there were spirits all collected together. They all were shining ones,
and each made a colour of light, and all together they made such a glory of light, like nothing on earth. It was for a show of beauty. By coming together they made more beauty than they could alone.
Another bit of my work is that I take colours of light, which are healing rays, which you can’t see, and I turn them into peoples’ minds, which need them to make them well again. They have to be the right sort of colour for what each person needs. So it is very difficult work, only, of course, an angel is there to show us which to take. I find the people sometimes who can be helped like that, because I’m rather good at seeing into minds and I can see what is the matter and whether light can help that one or not.
The angel said I was quite good at that.

{At Bembridge, Norfolk) [where the copy of this book was written and published]

I have learned what we call ghosts are. People give out some sort of fluid stuff called ectoplasm and they make a shape of it which is like what they looked like on earth, in their earth form. They don’t want it after they learn to do without it, so they often leave it off almost at once, and then it goes on in the place where they left it. It goes on doing over again what they last did with it, and it isn’t anything to matter, because it’s only ectoplasm, which
is only matter, and not anything of mind at all. Only when a new sort of atmosphere comes in the place, like very big winds of mind thoughts, it sweeps it away altogether, which is a very good thing because there
would be much too many ectoplasms if they all stayed.
Only the people who want not to die leave ectoplasms. The others just let it die in their bodies and go off straight away as spirits, which is the sensible thing
to do, because ectoplasms are only a nuisance to everyone. It comes of wanting to take their bodies with them. People who are suddenly killed when they are quite well often do want to. But when people are glad to lose their bodies because they’ve been very ill and weak, then they just go to sleep and are so glad to be free when they wake.

August – September 1930

I’ve been getting on in my work and I’m a good ray-worker now, better than most for my age. I trace paths of rays for a long way, and bend them to help people when they want their minds helped by rays. I can help quite grown-up people now even though I’m still very young, but I can see so much further than they can.
I can’t seem to let you see any new thing properly because earth people can’t be allowed to see till they are here, because they have to go on using
brains, and brains would burst if they tried to take in more than earth plane things. So we can’t make them understand our plane, otherwise they would bedead and come here, and they aren’t ready yet. You can see a little, which anyone ought to be able to do, but not more. An angel told me that, because he was afraid I wanted to try and make you see me now, which
you oughtn’t to do now I’m out of my earth form.

GRANDFATHER All that he has written is as he found it and clearly put for one so young in growth, but do not expect to hear the same from others, for to each comes a different medium of expression, and spirit life is unbounded in variety. All is true and all is enclosed in the boundlessness of Love – God of all.

October –December 1930

LANCELOT I went to see a battle of forces of minds which didn’t want to be in God, and they sent out angry waves like a beginning of a storm and wanted “I,” “I,” “I” just themselves like that. They didn’t see love of everybody else, and God just said peace to them, but they couldn’t understand, so they were very miserable and I wanted so to help them. But
my teacher said I couldn’t till their fighting time was over. So I came away because they were making me feel so bad about it. Oh, Mum, why can’t all minds be good ones?
I went to a school for babies and found they were teaching them awful things. I was very upset over it, and they told them to be uppish and selfish and to get on and be rich and “down with” all sorts of things.
I didn’t understand but I saw their minds getting full of wrong thoughts and I was very bothered as to what to do. But I told some of them different things and they herd me in their hearts so I was happier, but it isn’t right to tell babies to be down with things they don’t know anything about. I wish they’d stop that sort of thing. [The Hitler youth shortly to emerge in
the 1930s, and now, the suicide bombers?] I’ve been getting deeper into tangled minds now I’m getting bigger. I wasn’t allowed to go where things were all wrong at first, when I was little, but now I’ve got to see it all, and help, and Mum, I DO WANT TO HELP.
I want to talk about music. There is a sort of exercise of spirits to make beauty come out of sounds which you can’t hear at all but they are going on all round in space. The vibrations are all just booming till spirits come and change them into music. It’s like exercising your body to make music.
I can’t stop tonight because my work is rather a big case tonight, of a boy who is frightened in the dark. So I must go to him at once.
I’ve been to a different sort of world altogether, not just round a sun, but curly ways like a corkscrew, in a spiral. It went ever so fast like smoke but it was a small one, only big enough for life to be all over it, only such a different sort of life. It’s no good me trying to tell you. But Mum, it was funny to see a corkscrew-moving world. [Did he see the DNA helix?] It had a shape all drawn out long, not round like most, and it was flattened too, but it had
got like that from the way it moved. It had started in a different way to most, and was much too hot for any kind of life like we can think of. I didn’t
suppose it had anything on it till I came close and saw thoughts all buzzing on it, so I knew there was some sort of life there. They seemed to be thinking
hard of some funny things of their own which I couldn’t know about because they were so different to people. But they had thoughts, but no sort of body
life like ours. They weren’t high up spirits but only beginnings. – coming back now, Mum. I had to go in a hurry to see to one of my boys who was going to a wrong place. They want me, Mum, so I must say goodnight. I’ll come again soon.
I’m a qualified teacher of ray healing now and am going ahead like steam. There is ever so much to learn. I can’t tell you much because it’s all so
different from your life now, but I’m able to help lots of people in their bodies now and when they open their minds by prayer I can give them such big help, which is how people find faith. Healing cures them because some of us are there with healing light rays to help them. When they say “Yes, come!” like that then we do more than we can with people with closed minds.
With grown-ups, not babies, we take their minds’ highest thoughts and breathe our meanings into them. When someone is able to get very high in thoughts, then we can give that one a new meaning to his thoughts, which is like hearing what we say, only better. People get new ideas how to make machinery and so on from us, and they work it out. It gives them things for their brains to use. I can’t yet, but Grandpapa does often help people like that.
The work I have been doing lately is to find my past rays of light which show me all my past self, not just remembering but really seeing me, the real myself really doing past things, and you can’t think how funny it is to be seeing one’s past, like being several people at once. It’s all joined on to ME,
it’s all myself. I had to begin a new sort of lesson of past and future and how to see it all. I can see a little bit ahead, but I can see lots of past, all of
my own and some of yours.
I was trying moon-ray bending and my rays were very difficult to follow so I slipped and came against a wall of selfishness – a mind which couldn’t let rays in at all because it was all turned in to itself. I twisted my ray to turn into that mind, and it opened a tiny bit outwards, and I was so pleased. The rays DO help such a lot, much more than just mind help.
I had to go in a hurry and catch a trial ray from going wrong. I wanted just to say a word for Dad, to tell him I am his boy just the same, and can tell him lots of hints now about his work and inventions if he wants. Only I don’t know English words for things I want to say. We do it all by thoughts and we don’t need words so much here. I can put things into his mind like thoughts and then he can use them.

February 1931

It is a big veil of God which hangs round Earth in golden light of love and we are it. All we who have got to my plane of being where I am now are
making that veil of golden love round earth and helping all those earth people who love each other. We are God’s love to them, and it is such Wonder and
I am so big now that you look quite little to me, and I can see so much more than you know about. Dad, I am even bigger than you! You don’t know what I know now. I can’t tell you because it isn’t in your minds
yet, so there isn’t anything to explain it by. But all of everything is God, and it is all of everything good when you see it from where I can see from now. I
see such wonderful lovely goods and the bads are making goods all the time when you look at it altogether, like we do here.
So HUGE a glory of good and all of everything is in it, and good.

[Here the communication leaves off. This has been just a few extracts from the 88 page collection, “Letters from Lancelot” complied by R.M.T., Printed
by Dunstan & Co. London. c.1931. Richard]

I have included the previous and following communications with nature spirits in the “Rescue” series, since it is only when we recognize the
existence of and start to work with these nature spirits that we will be able to rescue the world from the man-made ecological disasters which are fast
approaching us.

Roc and the Faun (concluded)

The Faun who called himself Kurmos followed Roc (R. Ogilvie Crombie) through the streets of Edinburgh back to his apartment. He was amused to think of the sensation it might have caused had the faun been visible to the passers-by. Kurmos showed great interest in the shelves of books.

KURMOS What are they and why are there so many?
ROC Facts, ideas and theories written down, put into print and made up into books which can be read by others.
KURMOS Why? You can get all the knowledge you want by simply wanting it.
ROC Humans can’t do that very wonderful thing - at least, not yet.

They sat for some time in silence and contented harmony. Then Kurmos got up to leave. Roc opened the door onto the landing, and the Faun passed him and ran lightly down the stairs As he reached the bottom
step, he faded out.

Roc met Kurmos again on his visits to the Gardens, and also Pan, the nature spirit in charge of the whole elemental kingdom as well as of the animal,
vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Pan is not a being restricted to one place. Pan is the Greek word for all or everywhere. So Pan is a universal energy,
which is constantly found throughout the whole of nature. He could appear personified in many different places at the same time. The primary state of nature spirits is a “light body,” a whirl or vortex of energy in constant motion. Like a fine mist, it glows with colored light, sometimes one single color, sometimes two or more which do not mix but remain separate like the colors of a rainbow. It frequently changes color and is often covered with a multitude of fine curved lines. These are usually golden but can be other colors. They appear to flow like liquid in a pipe, forming continually changing patterns of incredible beauty. These light bodies differ from each other in size and brilliancy, varying from pastel shades to strong, bright colours. It is possible to see and communicate with these light bodies.
However, the elementals or nature spirits cannot carry out their work with plants in these pure bodies. In this work they use the energies channeled to them by the devas to build up an “etheric body” for each plant, according to its archetypal pattern. The plant grows and develops within this etheric body. In order to fulfill their task, the nature spirits too must take on an etheric body.

On Midsummer Eve a few years later (1972) Kurmos
again appeared in the Gardens.

ROC This reminds me of our first meeting when you asked why human beings are so stupid.
KURMOS We find human behaviour amusing at times, but so often it is destructive, cruel and horrible, or so it appears to us. We try to understand but it isn’t easy. We know there are those who love nature. No doubt they would love us if they could see us. Why can you see us so clearly?
ROC I suppose I am a privileged person, one of those chosen to link with Pan and help to renew the old contact between mankind and the nature spirits.
PAN [Suddenly appearing opposite them]. You were chosen because you are suited to the task. Your entire life has been a training and preparation for
this. Your lower self and your physical body had to be trained and conditioned for many years before this level could be reached. Because of your makeup and the work you have to do, you see me and my subjects as
if we were part of the material world.
ROC This makes sense to me, but I cannot wish to see a nature spirit and immediately do so, however hard I try.
PAN It is done from our side, when a particular entity wishes to become visible to you. Your sensitivity, like a spotlight, then enables you to see. The moment you think of an entity you are in immediate communication with it. The one-way contact is always there, but being aware of the response
usually needs training or at least practice. It is very subtle and easily missed.
ROC There are many who would genuinely and sincerely like to share my experiences and I am frequently asked how they can set about it.
PAN And you hedge and say, “Some day you probably will if your faith is strong enough. Don’t try too hard, it will just happen at the unexpected moment.” You also tell them to follow your example and live in
comparative isolation in the country for ten years, as
you did yourself.
ROC I do, and most of them haven’t the time and it might mean giving up too much.
PAN There is always time for the important things.

There we will leave these dialogues with nature spirits. There is a whole literature on the subject, and a small book by H.K. Challoner “Regents of the
Seven Spheres” has several colored illustrations of different Devas. She was inspired to write a series of books after having been given a reading at a public
Spiritualist meeting, when the medium saw her guide standing beside her, ready to start work with her.

Several books are available from the Findhorn community itself, by the founders, Eileen and Peter Caddy, and by other teachers who resided there,
including Dorothy MacLean (Divina), Roc himself, David Spangler and William Irwin Thompson.

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