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Rescue Circles Part 20 The boy rescuer, and ROC at Findhorn

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Fri,03 Sep 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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Rescue Circles (20) More messages from Lancelot and more about Elementals. Tudor Pole, Dorthy MacLean and ROC.

Here are some more excerpts of communications from Lancelot, the 8-year-old boy in spirit talking about his rescue work. Also communicating were his grandfather, and a brother (Michael).

February 24th, 1929

MICHAEL Our Lancelot is on a long journey with a party of schoolboys from his last school, and they are taking a tour of the sun’s planets, to teach the boys the different forms of life on them. He is learning much that less active spirits could not know, and he enjoys all he learns and benefits by it. He is admirably receptive and “cloudless” and so rapturously happy in loving the Great Spirit’s way.

March 26th, 1929

GRANDFATHER I want to give you a few impressions of what your boy has been to see – his ideas are very imperfect but accurate as far as he understands.
He was taken to other inhabited places of being where he saw spirits of intelligence in forms so totally distinct from those on earth that you can have
no mind image to illustrate it by. Intelligence is distributed throughout the universe in greater or less degree according to development of the individual
spirits. All this is part of the One Being. We are conscious individually as part of the great Consciousness and we are one and all immersed in Him, even the greatest spirits. Yes, you are conscious dimly of vast possibilities opening out before you and yet you have not even a dim conception of the grandeur
of creation.
I know so well how impossible it is to convey to human minds anything at all beyond their present environment. I am trying now to make your mind rise to mine. You are awakening fast and should be careful not to overdo the body, for there is work on human planes for your mind.

March 30th, 1929

LANCELOT Can I tell you about an angel called Child Welfare? He is a very great angel who looks after our schools and says where we are to go next,
and he told me that he came to you when Michael was a baby and told you about him. He said that Mother Mary took care of Michael because he was an angel baby and not like us. Mum, you never told me he was an angel,
and I ought to have known that. No, of course you couldn’t have explained to me then. I have to go now, Mum.

March 31st, 1929

LANCELOT I want to tell you that clouds of angels are round earth to tell everyone what to do as soon as they leave their bodies. No one is alone and no one is left unguided. It’s all so easy when you die because everything is arranged for all you want. All your own people come to see your arrival and explain things. So nobody ought to mind dying. I’m so happy about that!

April 1st, 1929

LANCELOT I want you to know something about me. I can’t see your thoughts, but I can see thoughts about spirit things, and I can always see it when you think of me or think TO me when I’m there, like Mum does
which is a sort of mind talking [telepathy]. I can sometimes tell what your mind is full of, but I can’t see thoughts which aren’t sent to me unless they
belong to spirit things. I can’t THINK myself to anywhere else. I have to travel, but I only go if I think hard about a place. It takes a bit of time to
do it, but not nearly like it used to do with a body. I can think about Aldeburgh and keep thinking hard about it and in a few minutes I can be there, but not all at once, as you think.

April 12th, 1929

LANCELOT [his father is playing the piano]. Can we talk later and listen to Dad’s playing? Dad’s mind is full of colours all like a green wood and
fairy things. Oh so exciting, everything in it is like magic and the fairy things are like leaves covering the ground and dancing. I would like to be
there too.
I was taken to see a great awful place where there were people who couldn’t let their earth bodies go, and they were ever so unhappy because they couldn’t get body things any more and they wanted to have them. It was awful and I was so unhappy to be there, but my angel said to look and see how they began to think of somebody who loved them, and then to
want them, and then they forgot to want their bodies so much and began to get higher. Some of them could see a little but most of them were blind, and they can’t open their spirit’s eyes till they begin to want to see spirit things. I was glad to get away from there.
Dad is playing such a lovely thing [some music]. I must stop now.

April 14th

LANCELOT I’m just bursting with joy because I’ve won a great Crown of beauty in a fight of Christ’s soldiers and devils of unkindness, and I was able to
be a great help to someone who was being influenced to be unkind, and I made him see it was horrid to be unkind, and so I WON the battle. Yes, I’ve got a whole holiday after my Victory and can be here all day.

April 20th

LANCELOT [his parents are in his ‘wood”]. I want to tell you that I can always see little fairy lights on the trees, shining even in sunshine, and
they are millions of colours, so lovely, all up the trees, made by little light fairies; They are just tiny little beings which aren’t in your life, and not
animal at all, nor plants, and not spirits. Only a different sort of being. They ARE so lovely, and so happy and full of light and colour. I do wish you
could see them.

April 21st

LANCELOT I was with Christopher (his baby brother, alive on earth with his parents) and had such fun because he thought I was a part of his own mind. He was ever so happy to see much more than he could before, and he was so interested in what I showed him.
Can you keep your mind still, Mum? I am so wanting to say a lot, and you keep bothering about other things.
I want you to see how I see a garden. All plants are full of movement like breathing, and tiny things are moving in them. There is a beautiful lovely self of the plant, not a spirit because it doesn’t live long, but a Soul which is the being of each plant. Some day you will open your spirit eyes and see it like I do. All the trees breathe, all through them, and have a moving life in them, and lots of greatness sometimes when their soul is great. But it isn’t a spirit, only an earth soul which dies when the tree goes, but it is a self, a SOUL.
I am a BIG SPIRIT now compared to my teeny one before, when I was a boy. But I’m oh so weeny wee compared to most spirits, even now. I want to tell you lots more, but you can’t see it yet. It’s no good trying to tell you, because things are so different. [

Since Lancelot has just been talking about trees, I thought to include this experience of a tree's awareness, from another source. [Richard].

W. Tudor Pole, the medium who restored the Chalice Hill Healing Spring and Well in Glastonbury, here describes tapping into the consciousness of a
Copper Beech, in an article in the quarterly journal “Light” from the College of Psychic Studies, London.

“Not long ago, having crossed the Alpine frontier between Austria and Bavaria, I found myself crouching on a narrow plateau just below the snow line. Not far below me, on the brink of a precipice, a fine specimen of a copper beech was growing in splendid solitude. Knowing from previous experience the revitalizing power these trees possess, I made my way down the
mountain side to a point where I was able to wedge myself into a comfortable position beneath the aura and shelter of this lovely tree. After a while I was
able to become “keyed” in consciousness to the language of the trees, and I will now try to convert into words the sense of the ideas which passed between me and the spirit of this copper beech.

TUDOR POLE What a splendid tree you are, standing here alone! How do you manage to find earth deep enough for your roots to hold you in so tall and upright a position?

BEECH Thank you, but I am all right because my roots go through concealed crevices in the rock and there is plenty of good earth below. You are very kind to ask.

TUDOR POLE Wouldn’t you like a companion, living as you do so solitary an existence:

BEECH Yes, sometimes I AM lonely. We like to grow up in pairs, but this fact does not seem to be made known to those who plant or seed us.

TUDOR POLE I this desire to live in twos common to all trees, and have trees their own sex?

BEECH I don’t know about other kinds of trees, but WE much prefer to grow up with a companion, not too close, but within ‘wind whistling distance’. Some of us feel complete in ourselves, but others need a
complementary mate to make us really happy.

TUDOR POLE Thank you very much for telling me this, and now I hope to plant two copper beeches in our Chalice Well orchard. But how is one to find out which trees are complementary to one another?

BEECH You can do this by comparing our young leaves VERY carefully, and then obeying your instinct about them. I have enjoyed our meeting, and wish more of your kind could understand us and become our help
mates. Be kind to us all, AND COME AGAIN.

[According to oriental tradition, the planet Mars is the native habitat of the copper beech, and since beech seeds found their way on to our earth, this
particular tree acts as a friendly link between the two planets].

In conclusion, Tudor Pole remarked “how wrong and sad it is that we humans have allowed ourselves to become so entirely out of communion with life in the natural worlds round us.”

His whole article, and many others by different mediums, is reprinted in “Harvest of Light: approaches to the paranormal” published by Neville
Spearman, London, 1976.

Another person in touch with elementals was the scientist R. Ogilvie Crombie. When Findhorn was busy planting 600 beech trees and many shrubs, he and Dorothy MacLean blessed them for several consecutive
days. When Dorothy contacted the Landscape Angel for help, she was told:

LANDSCAPE ANGEL We are including all these new trees and shrubs in a solid downpour of radiations, a wall of it, for they must indeed be stabilized and
kept immersed in the life elements. They have to be kept in this wall without a moment’s deviation; each one must be upheld until the life in them is one with it.

Ogilvie Crombie, or ROC as he was known, invoked the aid of the nature spirits who work with this energy from the devas. He could see gnomes and elves busy at work, particularly among the roots. The trees and shrubs survived and flourished.

Before coming to help in the Findhorn garden in Northern Scotland, ROC had had his first encounter with nature spirits in his mid-sixties, when sitting
in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh in March, 1966. “Suddenly I saw a figure dancing round a tree about twenty or twenty-five yards away from me – a beautiful little figure about three feet tall, a faun, half human – half animal. He had a pointed chin and ears and two little horns on his forehead. His shaggy legs ended in cloven hooves and his skin was
honey-colored. There were one or two other people walking about in the gardens. I looked at them and then back at this beautiful little being. He was
still there and seemed to be as solid and as real as they were. He danced over to where I was sitting, stood looking at me for a moment and then sat
cross-legged in front of me.

ROC Hallo.
FAUN [leaping to his feet, startled] Can you see me?
ROC Yes.
FAUN I don’t believe it. Humans can’t see us.
ROC Oh, yes. Some of us can.
FAUN What am I like?
ROC [described him as he saw him].
FAUN What am I doing?
ROC You’re dancing round in small circles.
FAUN [stopping dancing]. You MUST be seeing me. [He danced across to the seat beside Roc, sat down and, turning towards him, looked up and said]: Why are human beings so stupid?
ROC In what way stupid?
FAUN In many ways. What are the strange skins or coverings you have, some of which can be taken off? Why don’t you go about in the natural state as I do?
ROC The skins are called clothes, and we wear them for protection and for warmth and because it isn’t considered right to be without them.
FAUN I don’t understand.

And so the conversation continued. As a scientist, Roc realized he was not seeing the Faun with his physical sight. The communication between
them was no doubt taking place on a mental or telepathic level by means of thought transference, probably in the form of images and symbols projected
into his unconscious mind and translated into words by his consciousness. “However, I cannot be certain whether I was speaking to him mentally or aloud. (Now, when I meet such beings, I usually speak aloud.)
I have to report our exchanges in the form of dialogue, since that is what I hear in my head. Applying my training as a scientist in objective
observation and analysis, I do try to report experiments and experiences as accurately as possible.”
They talked about houses, and motor cars which seemed to him to be boxes on wheels in which human beings dashed about, sometimes bumping into each other. Was it a game? He wanted to know. He told him he lived in the Gardens. This is a partial truth, as he is an inhabitant of another plane of existence as well. His work was to help the growth of trees. He also told him that many of the nature spirits have lost interest in the human race, since they have been made to feel that they are neither believed in nor wanted.

FAUN If you humans think you can get along without us, just try!
ROC Some of us do believe in you and want your help. I do, for one.

Roc felt an amazing harmony with this wonderful little being. A communication was taking place between them that did not need to be put into words. They sat for some time without speaking.

ROC I must go home.
FAUN Call me when you return and I will come to
you. My name is Kurmos.
ROC Can you visit me?
KURMOS Yes, if you invite me.
ROC I do [invite you]. I shall be delighted if you will come and visit me.
KURMOS You do believe in me?
ROC Yes, of course I do.
KURMOS And you like us?
ROC Yes, I have much affection for the nature spirits. [This was true, though he was the first one he had actually seen].
KURMOS Then I’ll come now. [He follows ROC back home, then disappears]

[This excerpt is taken from “The Findhorn Garden” by
the Findhorn Community, published by Harper and Row.]

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