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Rescue Circles Part 18

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Thu,02 Sep 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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Rescue Circles (18) Lord Dowding in Ireland (concluded). An earthbound learns some lessons and moves on. Animals on the other side. Elementals. The aura and astral and etheric bodies.


FATHER - First I want to thank Hugh for following out our orders so carefully and going to the place mentioned (the Place of Battles). He has covered many centres of power, good and evil. Now we want to tell him more about them. I have tried to take the subject in layers, and now we come to the men who have become earth-bound here – the inhabitants who belong to the land but have served in the Forces, either in this war on in the previous one. They return to the land and, following the habit of their grandparents and great grandparents, they have stayed on here, living in the Etheric belt, happy or content, but
searching subconsciously for something better: and now here is the chance, they are all throwing in their lot with the R.A.F. boys, and some of them have changed considerably during the past week. They in turn are influencing their families, and the change is becoming very rapid among the last two generations.

There is one man here who looked after Hugh’s horses at one time, and when he came over he brought the horses with him. They are all living together. The horses do not want to go any farther just yet, and, though he has explained the position, they are not willing to leave, so this will break up their happy home for a time. It is delightful to hear them
speaking. Of course it is very like children, and they cannot see any point of view but their own. The horse has naturally a hard halo.

Other animals are here, too, cats and cows and calves and a few dogs, but they are not usually ready to stay over long, and leave with immense delight to start life again in human circles. Paddy has come through several wars; he was in South Africa, so we have a link together, and he has been showing me over the place and explaining this and
that in the vernacular. Even his speech is unchanged. I think I shall put him on to look after Jim Reed; he wants a job, and this will just suit him. (Jim Reed was a man who committed suicide under pressure from an obsessing entity. The host’s wife had been
able to do much to help his widow.)

Now to return to the subject of circles and the meeting on the Mountain. How I wish I could form the words to express the manner in which we were caught up into the clouds of vision. That was the method of the teaching – no words or rules, just a sense of ecstasy
imparted to the listeners, and we found ourselves transported into a plane within a plane. We had not moved from the Mountain, but all our perceptions were
changed. The devas, once so great and terrible, appeared suddenly beautiful and benign. The gnomes whom I had been reviling became as the roots of a million flowers, uniting with the fairies and forming a complete column of Nature-spirits. The sounds of harmony were everywhere, and the sense of all evil completely banished from our minds.

And so we remained, held within the cloud of superb perfection until the Being who had given birth to this ecstasy relaxed his grasp upon our minds and we, in our primitive condition of evolution, were resolved back to the stage to which we belong. That was our experience – our payment, if you like – for the effort and patience we had expended. I
have never been through anything so wonderful. The colour-waves enwrapped us, the music of ten thousand harps delighted our ears, not as music delights you,
but as it affects us. It is like a match, kindling and bringing to life part of the dominant substance of our human minds.


FATHER = Thank you, my dear, for that welcome. We have the same things to say to you: one side cannot do without the other.

Tonight we have all our circle, and Hugh’s wife [Clarice, in spirit, died 1920. Hugh was to remarry in 1951, to Muriel]. She is delighted with the little people, and cannot be dragged away from the shore and the river. She says Hugh will remember how she longed
to play with real fairies and the other things she had from Ireland and always wanted to know more about them.

HUGH - What is the Etheric plane?

FATHER - The one nearest to you, the most physical.

HUGH - When do you leave it and go into the Astral?

FATHER - There is no time limit, so far as I know; you go when your desire to go somewhere else becomes conscious, and not till then. These people have no desire for change, so I cannot tell you how long they may have to remain here. The Astral is the ordinary plane whereon we learn the why and wherefore of our lives and actions, and most of us stay on this plane for a long time, and then reincarnate directly from here, or go farther on into the Spirit planes. There are many, many planes, and there is no fixed moment to
reincarnate unless one has the desire to do so.

Desire is the motive energy, and the desire-body of this plane is intersected with the mental bodies, and they correspond with the Astral and Etheric of the personality;
[*that is to say, just as our aura here on earth, comprising the etheric and astral bodies, relates to the physical body and its personality, so when we are dead, a spirit personality without a physical body, our former aura (comprising etheric and astral bodies) makes up our spirit body, to which our mental and higher spirit bodies are attached, like an aura of
a higher, more refined kind. As we progress and
evolve, so we live in more refined bodies, on higher
frequencies, which always have a connection with even
higher level until we finally become one with the
infinite. But paradoxically, it seems we never lose
our individuality. The purpose of progress and self
experience is not to lose our essential self, but to
develop its values and qualities, and breadth and
depth of awareness and perspective, and so contribute
to the total value and experience of The One Almighty
Being, the Great Spirit. We are not so much gods in
the making as adding our own contribution to what God
Is Himself. It is a mistaken western understanding
and misinterpretation of Eastern wisdom to think we
lose ourselves entirely in Nirvana, or Cosmic Bliss.
Rather, we add to its brightness, by our good deeds,
to put it simply, or diminish it by our misconduct.
Herein lies our individual responsibility. This is not
a nihilist philosophy, but a most positive and
practical one. Hugh Dowding confessed that at the
time, the meaning of all this was not clear to him.
(*Richard’s note)]

HUGH - Do we have fresh Astral and Etheric bodies for each life?

FATHER - In as far as I can tell you, and it may only be my own experience, the Ego incarnates in a different physical and etheric body each time. The
Astral body remains in the form of an Astral shell
which is renewed by fresh Astral tissue as the Ego gathers understanding through the past life. While on the Astral plane, time is set aside for the refitting
of the Astral body. Once that has become thoroughly
restored, the overflow of knowledge begins to filter
through into the higher mental bodies, who decide
whether, and if so how and when and where, the Ego
will reincarnate. Once this decision is taken, the
Etheric and physical bodies must be reassembled.
For the physical it takes nine months, for the
Etheric, I am told, seven. The one is the reflection
upon the ether of the other. They are the twin bodies
of Earth-life, but they do not synchonise until the
quickening of life takes place by the fourth and fifth
months. At that moment the two bodies sychronise as
one and the mother becomes overshadowed by the Etheric
body of the child, which has hitherto been within her
aura. It now passes within and without, making
contact simultaneously with the physical body and the
ether of its own dimension.

CLARICE - How like Hugh to want to have it all made clear to the last fraction! I send my love, and ask that you send me a direct message for myself at the
estate. It will make a real contact for my work.

FATHER - That’s all for tonight.


FATHER - We are very sorry that your time is over here for the present, but you have made the necessary links for Hugh, and his R.A.F. boys have done marvels.

HUGH - What is meant by an earthbound spirit and can you tell me more about the Etheric body?

FATHER - Your questions have sent Clarice into peals of laughter. With regard to earthbounds, this is a fairly wide field: let us put them under headings.

First. Those who bind themselves unwillingly
by their acts – suicides, murderers, torturers and so
on. Almost any violent or cruel act binds the one who
inflicts it to the spot for a varying period until it
has been expiated.
Secondly. Those who are only anxious to be
with human beings – who yearn to experience the human
appetites again. These are the people who often take
possession of weak minds and use them to gain coarser
sensations of material life.
Thirdly. Those who, like your folk in this
region, bind themselves voluntarily because they have
no desire, no motive power, to carry them farther.
The first two categories are bound against their will
and better judgment; the third are not really bound at
all, but they have no motive force with which to free

Now, to the Etheric body. This again is in
various categories. The main part dies with the
physical body, but that again varies enormously
according to the time, and if the Ego (Consciousness)
craves to hold on to the Etheric, they can, as I have
seen here, revitalize them through the astral until it
is hard to say whether they are astral or etheric, the
one has become such an exact replica of the other. It
means with these people that the link with the mental
is only in embryo. All their mental actions come from
the old physical source and gradually, as they cease
to struggle for life or use their brains at all, a
vacuum grows in the Etheric-Astral body which
gradually seeks fulfilment by a desire for mental
When that stage has been reached, the motive
spark for action is created which frees them from the
Earth and they flit away among the rest of us. I
think that utter and complete weariness often cause
most of the delay.
There are many delightful spirits among these
people who have long ago received their freedom and
have returned here to try and help in the real
advancement. These are only the residue, the clods as
it were; others have gone far away. Some are working
with the fairies, others learning to control the
gnomes (which is one of the most useful things they
can do).
The people Hugh mentions who have been lost in
the most are quite a different vibration. These
‘ray-deficients’ create their own Etheric conditions,
and in this country you will find many who have never
known the mists, or the sense of loss and confusion.
There are very few rules that can be laid down.

CLARICE - Surely that will satisfy Hugh! You are not to go from here feeling that it is a desolate or primitive land full of captive souls. That impression is wrong. Many have very little sense of purpose, but they are gay and happy spirits, and play on their
little pipes, some making verses and dancing with the fairies, or playing in the odd crannies of this indented shore. These people will return here again
once they have made contact elsewhere, and they will
form a huge band of human links, with the friendliness
inherent in them. They emit a lovely soft ray which
will absorb and distribute the new power once they
have advanced a little farther.

FATHER - This land has been blessed since creation, and even where a center has become defiled, like the Mountain, or the valley of sacrifice you visited this
morning, the natural force can always be tapped again
and a free outlet be given to the white rays which can
gush forth to cleanse and renew.

SIR GERALD [GRANDFATHER] - Thank Lord Hugh for his work. I am deeply grateful to him, and I shall keep in touch from time to time.

FATHER - My love to Hugh. [To the medium] Good-bye, my dear. Well done!

Hugh Dowding writes:- Two or three days before I left the estate, a lady drove over from her house, about thrity miles away, for an afternoon visit. She told us that her chauffeur, and young Irishman who I shall call ‘Denny’ had been having some remarkable
He would find himself flying through the air at a
great rate, though perfectly able to see the country
below him. He generally broke his journey at a place
which he supposed to be Gibraltar though he could not
give any reason for his supposition, eecept that it
was a big rock near the sea and he could see swarthy
folk working in the fields.
He would then resume his journey, and would find
a dark-skinned man waiting for him, sitting
cross-legged on the ground, and clad in scanty white
cotton clothing. He always had an affectionate
reception, and when he woke again in bed he was able
to see words written in the air in English script,
but in a language which he could not understand. The
words persisted in letters of light till he had
written them down.
The lady had no idea what the language was, nor
had any of her friends to whom she showed the
The moment I saw them I recognized them as being
written in Hindi [Hindustani] though my knowledge of
the language was more than rusty, as I had not been in
India since 1910 [thirty years before].
My host, a former general, had also served in
India and, by putting our heads together, we made out
what seemed to be the general sense of the messages;
but what with the boy’s possible errors in
transcription and our rustiness in the language, the
result was very woolly. Some of the messages were
later sent to an Indian at Oxford, and he didn’t make
much more of them than we had done, so the main errors
must have have been in transmission and/or in
It is strange that the transmitter should have
apparently been ignorant of English, yet familiar with
English script; for of course Hindustani has a script
of its own, derived from the Arabic. The messages were
generally signed MALIK, which means Ruler or Master.
It seemed to me that there was probably a very strong
Karmic link between Denny and his unknown mentor.
They had probably been very close in previous
incarnations. And now this ‘Malik’ was trying to keep
the link alive by occult methods, quite unaware of the
(to him) peculiar conditions in which the boy was
living. There seemed to be no danger to the lad, no
Black Magic or anything of that sort; a strong and
genuine affection seemed to run throughout the
messages; but nothing was coming through that was of
any use to anybody, and they didn’t seem to be doing
any good to anyone. Later on the night journeys seem
to have ceased, but the messages continued to appear
in luminous letters, and remained until they had been
written down. The latest development (March 1950) is
that the words have begun to appear in the sky as
Denny is driving the car. The lady can see streaks
and flashes in the sky, but cannot see the words.
Other people cannot see anything.

Ten weeks after Sir Hugh’s visit, Sir Gerald, the Grandfather and original owner of the estate came through the medium again:

SIR GERALD - I am home again. You may say that I have not been away for long, but time does not affect me. The point about leaving was to go away from the estate to break the continuity that had begun to bind me to the place. That [binding] was a mistake.
In order to lead, one must be free and able to make contact from outside. It was good for us all that I should make this journey. I was not alone, I went with several others, Mrs. Randall and the old priest, whom you know, several doctors and the old schoolmaster who was first instrumental in my coming to the area.
We left by the Mountain – that was important. We moved away through the magnetic stream that flows through the Mountain to the higher spheres. I felt the whole burden of the estate and that region leave me as we rose, and the sense of pleasure, amounting
almost to ecstasy, which I had quite lost, returned in full measure. I saw more directly and moved with the lightness of ether. In fat, I became once more an Etheric being of pure joy, which is the design for all creation, unburdened by responsibility and despair.
I see now that I have been a burden to the estate through my intense desire to should all the problems. The divine plan is not to place all responsibility on one person but to use them all as links. It was so easy to forget that the responsibility was not mine, but God’s.
He has a plan, and we either help or hinder, but each individual part is small and trivial. I wanted
to be able to finish all the work myself and to
enlarge it, so that it covered the whole land. But
now I have learned that one must stand aside and let
God work in His own way.
We left the Mountain and joined the upper
spheres. Your father came with me, and he was eager
to go far afield, but I wanted to see the other
physical conditions from the Etheric plane first, so
he took me to the Western Isles, and I was able to
feel the difference between the light rays there and
those I knew so well on the Mountain. In this way we
passed through the semi-physical to the Etheric, and
on beyond the Etheric belt to the spiritual spheres.
Only beings of pure light inhabit them, and it is only
on rare occasions that we can hold our minds in a
condition of sufficient harmony to allow us to enter
and experience conscious communion with them. The
power was so great that I felt shattered by it and at
the same time renewed. Then suddenly it felt as if I,
Gerald, had been flung into a million atoms and
another Gerald of a different type had been reborn.
That is exactly what had happened: I had outlived the
usefulness of my Etheric skin, but I had held on to it
in the same way that many people do on Earth. I was
ripe to leave this phase and to put on the next body,
which is nearer in substance to the body of pure
light. And so in this manner the act of rebirth was
carried out and I became a new being with extended
I was entranced by the change, and wanted to
return here at once; but they would not let me, and
for a further period I moved through the spheres of
training and creating, through the garden of essences
and the lakes of sound and so on.
I cannot tell you of the beauty I enjoyed; there
are no words that I can use to express all that I have
seen and heard and touched.
Then I returned to the Mountain which holds the
beam through which we re-enter the physical plane of
the lower Etheric, and came into direct contact again
with the region. Here I found everything had changed
towards me, as I had changed towards them. I see now
the meaning and the tendencies and the plan behind the
slow scheme which had formerly been an insoluble
problem to me. I saw and I loved where I had only
seen and hated. Now I know that only Love can ever
heal or teach or create.

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